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Good Morning Everyone!

In case you didn't know, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Bernie and I just got back from our beautiful hike at Hard'ack. The trees were full of squirrels and woodpeckers, I was greeted at the top of Wolf Monument with the beginnings of a lovely sunrise, the perfect gift. The temperature feels mild in comparison to a couple days ago, although, I'm bracing myself for the next arctic blast and possible N'oreaster, BRING IT!!! Everyone knows I love winter, not much can keep me inside, and if I'm inside, I'm knitting. I'm currently working on about 4 projects, my Agate and Avena are front and center, Sipila is being patient and my Emsworth unfortunately will get worked back into rotation soon. I do think about her A LOT, that gorgeous alpaca and silk blend leaves an impression. And let's face it, vests are super hot and trending in case you didn't know....

No project of mine gets completed without some kind of hiccup, usually of my own doing, it's difficult to blame anyone else, right? My last ball of Meraki is getting smaller, quicker than I'm comfortable with, I hate yarn chicken, but I do like to win lol. I'm hoping that the power of positive thinking will leave me with just 6" after I bind off my last stitch, it is my birthday afterall, and this is my wish, PLEASE LET ME HAVE ENOUGH YARN!!!! I can get more, but everyone knows that's not the point, I hate having too much leftover to do nothing with. With any luck I'll have it completed and with me at Stitch and Bitch tomorrow evening, if the yarn cooperates....

We had a nice group for KAL on Saturday, it was Carrie's birthday, Susan brought the most delicious cupcakes and Michele made crustless, bacon and cheese quiche, YUM!!! I had done my gauge swatch while Zooming with Wanda and Kathleen Friday night, I actually got it using the recommended needle size! Carrie had messaged me earlier a picture of her sweater, it was a pile of yarn. She stated that although she'd gotten gauge with the suggested needle size, it was too tight through the colorwork and wasn't going to fit, she pulled it all out. This got me thinking, I'm using a rustic, Vermont yarn which knit up on my #5 was feeling rather bullet proof. Thankfully I wasn't too far into the pattern and bumped myself up to a #7, just like Carrie had done. I can already feel the difference in the tension, it's nothing anyone will notice, but it should at least move and not look like it's been treated with starch, anyone remember starch??? I will say this, if it doesn't fit, it's Carrie's fault. No, I'm not rechecking my gauge, it's Carrie's fault. Any questions? Ask Carrie.

I had the pleasure of attending a Zoom meeting yesterday hosted by Berroco, featuring Amano Yarns. I've looked at their line before, I really think it's worth revisiting. They are a company based in Peru and the video of the alpaca and breathtaking landscape makes me want to take my next trip there, maybe even move there, it's that gorgeous. Who wouldn't love big, beautiful mountains with alpaca grazing and roaming? Seriously...Andra has sent me a PDF to drool over, they offer some unique blends and the color palette is simply to die for. I'm always looking for new yarns to keep you inspired and those needles creating the most beautiful projects possible, I AM ON YOUR SIDE!!! I've already let Andra know we need to further discuss, stay tuned and feel free to check out their information on

We will be meeting tomorrow evening for Stitch and Bitch from 6-7:30, I hope you can join in the fun!! If not, Carrie and I will be doing a video during Stitch and Bitch, I have 3 boxes to open up!! I have no idea what's in the box from Berroco, but the new colors of Milo from Manos del Uruaguay have arrived!!! I am still asking everyone to wear a mask while at the shop, I hate it too, but it's just another line of defense as far as I'm concerned, Dr. Faucci is someone I trust. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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