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Chirpety,Chirp, Chirp,Chirp...

Good Morning Everyone!

I can't believe it's the last day of February, holy smokes! Spring officially starts March 20th (3 weeks), but that rotten ground hog predicted 6 more weeks of winter. That said, perhaps the little birds know something the ground hog doesn't, it's been such a treat hearing their songs in the morning. I love winter, it is one of my favorite seasons, but even I look forward to the subtle signs of winter releasing its grip allowing the sap to start flowing and the days to get longer. It all sounds good in theory, the transition is rarely smooth, but at least the birds are returning and the time of darkness is shorter, and I'm cruising along on 2 new sweaters that will be finished in time for Spring, which ends June 21st, always the optimist...

The KAL gals met this past Saturday, there was lots of lively conversation regarding our recent project, the Drawing Sweater. I made really good progress on mine in an effort to stay ahead of the pack so I could serve as a resource if needed. The numerous pages of charts and directions are enough to send anyone into a tailspin, present company definitely included. At first glance it all seemed so daunting with way too much information being thrown at you like rice at a wedding. I decided quickly to embrace my feelings of mind boggling confusion, put on my big girl panties and call Andra, my guru, my mentor, my friend. My willingness to put my ego aside and ask for help (THIS IS HUGE FOR ME) is a true testament to my level of commitment to your success, mine is just a by product. Does it really matter that Paula and I were the only ones actually working on our KAL sweaters? No, it felt good knowing I was able to not only answer any questions, but put minds at ease, there were only 10 rows of YUCK and then it would be smooth sailing, I promise. I do love this sweater and only realized how much when I put it up to the camera to show Wanda on Saturday night's Zoom. I've always known perspective is everything, and from the angle I was showing it to her, it was absolutely stunning. It didn't look the same when I was staring down with it on my lap, it is going to be such a lovely sweater, LUCKY ME!!!

My Pressed Flowers Cardigan is still on the needles, seriously...I haven't screwed it up, the second sleeve has been started, I don't need the chart, what the hell is taking so long? I did opt for my signature 3/4 length sleeves, gee, I wonder why. I'm not thrilled with the ribbing, I may pull it out and do a little decreasing or try using a smaller needle to make it tighter. Andra had mentioned that she worked the sleeve straight without doing the recommended decrease, it seemed like it would cause the sleeve to "puff" above the ribbing, I hate that look too. I followed her suggestion, but the ribbing is bothering me, it's baggy and looks sloppy. My Mimi is also in my head, I know she doesn't like the look of it either, ugh...this sweater just wants me forever. I know it won't take long to make myself happy, so I'll be pulling it out after I experiment on the second sleeve, I'm going to use a much smaller needle, stay tuned.

I'm watching the snow fall and thinking to myself, the heat will be fixed in my shop today, YAY but even better, I'LL BE IN FLORIDA IN 13 DAYS!!! In honor of my first ever winter vacation, I'm putting a couple of yarns on sale and thought I'd let my most loyal fans know first. Berroco's Renew, a lovely merino and cashmere blend will be $9 a ball and Vento, a cozy alpaca and wool blend will be $7.50 a ball, 25% OFF, what a deal! I'll be posting the sale on Social later this week, so if you want to take advantage of the best selection, shop early, it's for IN STOCK only.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday, for Stitch and Bitch from 6-7:30, I hope you can join in the fun (FREE HEAT!!) Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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