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OMG, It's Tuesday!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Nothing like a long holiday weekend to completely screw up one's sense of time,lol. Bernie and I had a nice hike up at Hard'ack this morning, we got back, I was getting my coffee, grabbing my knitting and heading towards the glider. It suddenly occurred to me, it's not Monday, it's Tuesday, it's time to write my newsletter, OMG I have nothing to say. Seriously, just how much more can you stand to hear about my Fleurine sweater? The good news is, it's almost finished!!! I would be lying if I said I thoroughly enjoyed the process, but I did eventually settle into a groove and could put myself into a mental state that allowed me to create a beautiful sweater. I think a lot of my problem with knitting my Fleurine was that it forced me to slow down, it wasn't a quick knit or one that turned into any type of muscle memory building skill. The lesson learned on this project was, take time to smell the flowers, or at least knit them...

I occasionally practice what I preach, I was definitely outside of my comfort zone as I stumbled through this technique called intarsia. I built enough character to last me a lifetime, each stitch painstakingly counted. Did you see what I did to my chart? Simply ridiculous, highlighter tape, every 15 stitches marked, magnetic rulers, row counters, straight jacket... Those little dangling bobbins were simply a joy, BUT I do have a lovely new sweater to show for all my efforts. I imagine that I'll love it so much, the memory will fade of just how little joy I experienced knitting it. I kept telling myself the entire time it could be so much worse had I actually done it correctly, there'd be double the bobbins. I did experience a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I'd somehow cheated and came out ahead. I actually outsmarted the orginal design concept and accomplished the same outcome, pure genius...

I swear, I barely get to the end of a project and I already have 3 more lined up, I'm good at juggling. Did you see my post featuring the GORGEOUS VERMONT YARNS by Fiberstash and Bobolinks yarns? I'll be knitting Jenn Steingass' Goldenfern sweater, this one has been on my mind for awhile and I was waiting for the perfect yarn to present itself, VIOLA!! Hocus Pocus here it is!! I'm almost finished with the body of Addie's Sipila sweater, literally just the ribbing to go, YAY! Then the sleeves. I'm going to be casting on a new design featuring Berroco's Remix Chunky, it's a super cute cardigan, you'll want one too. I already took the liberty of restocking several new colors, mine is going to be Strawberry, red is becoming my new green, scary....

We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. I'll keep reminding you, the shop will be closed on SATURDAY JUNE 11th for Addie's graduation ceremony. Make it a great day, and I'll see you soon!


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