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Good Morning Everyone!

I know what I'm doing today, knitting a summer tank top!! I started working on the first of my two Agate tops, I decided I needed some instant gratification after my Sipila blunder. I'm still excited to knit the Fleurine top, but since I'm already dreading the Intarsia colorwork I thought I would torture myself with lace work instead. Speaking of torture, it only took me three times to successfully join and work it in the round WITHOUT twisting it, seriously. I swear, I never knew it was possible to twist my work until some brilliant designer decided to add "join without twisting" to the directions, now I'm paranoid every single time. After attempt number 2, I cheated and worked the first row flat and then decided to join, it worked, but I still kept checking and checking to make sure it wasn't twisted. Seven rows later I'm fine, now for the lace work.

I recently received the Winter 2022 issue of Laine magazine from Wanda. My usual method of operation is to cruise through and sneak a peek at the beautiful garments in between the covers. As I was thumbing through I came across the Editor's Letter, it was titled, "The Joy Of Starting Over" Joy? What is this joy she is referring to? Mind you, my Sipila fiasco is still a bit fresh and although I've come to terms with my math, it does still sting a bit. I sat and read her very wise words, these were all things that deep down I knew, but the paragraphs truly gave me validation. I know I'm a good knitter, but how is that defined? It really comes down to this, "instead of seeing unravelling as a failure, you can view it as a learning experience and part of the knitting process." Becoming a good knitter isn't so much your skill set, but your willingness to learn from your mistakes and expand your skill set. When unravelling a project isn't viewed as a failure, but an opportunity to learn. It's safe to say that I've learned my best lessons from my mistakes, not to say they don't happen again, but I'm usually better prepared to fix them the next time around.

I know you'll find this difficult to believe, but I've ordered more Malabrigo yarn. The popularity of our next KAL has forced my hand, I had no choice. I cannot wait to see everyone's colors and pattern selection when we meet on January 22nd. I was really pleased with their latest color palette, Rios Solidos, it's what I've been hoping for. They perfectly compliment their beautiful variegated yarns and unique kettle dyed tonals. This delivery should hold us over until February 22 when my Spring and Summer yarns will be shipping from Berroco! I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO SEE THE GORGEOUS YARNS AND DESIGNS!! I'm most excited about the versatility of the yarns and patterns, talk about options! Most of the yarn is DK and so are the patterns, I'll be knitting two Agates, one in Meraki and one in Pima Soft instead of Vivo. Andra has already knit hers Medina, I can't wait to see it.

I know that this latest Omicron surge has caused a bit of anxiety and unfortunately sickness for many of you. We will continue to meet in person, masked, for KAL and Stitch and Bitch, and please wear a mask while at the shop. Yes, I'm tired of it too, but I'd rather take all the necessary precautions I can. I've had a few ask about participating via Zoom, let me know if you'd like this as an option and I'll do my best to accomodate. That said, we will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch. I do have a few folding chairs available, but be sure to bring your own just in case I run out. Make it a great day, STAY WARM, and I'll see you soon!


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Jan 11, 2022

I love your newsletter! Keeps me motivated!! 😊

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