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Good Morning Everyone!

Happy New Year!! I can't believe another year is down in the books, WOW!! I have much to be thankful for, namely, YOU!!! Day after day, year after year, I am reminded how lucky I am to have my shop and so many wonderful people surrounding me. It's both a blessing and a curse, mostly a blessing, I love what I do and thanks to you, I approach each day with much joy. It's exciting to be able to share something I love, knowing I am in great company. The overwhelming sense of community fills me with purpose and unbelievable happiness. I had absolutely no idea when I opened my shop where the real joy would lie, it's in the relationships we've formed. Having my shop has provided me with the opportunity to develop not only as a knitter, but as a human being. I promise I won't get all sappy on you, but I finally found my purpose, something I'm actually pretty good at. I will be forever grateful to my Mimi who introduced me to knitting 45 years ago and had the patience to sit with me and teach me another one of her fabulous talents. I wish her knowledge of Baking Powder Biscuits had stuck, I never did understand adding flour until "it felt right."

I know that many of you saw my FINISHED EMSWORTH vest on Social. It is quite stunning, I absolutely love it in every way possible. I guess if it's going to be this warm in January, it's handy to have a beautiful new alpaca and silk vest to wear. With that project finished, I've already cast on my Pressed Flowers Cardigan, I finished the ribbing last night while watching the hockey game. I am excited to start the chart, watch the flowers take shape and the colors develop, stay tuned, I'll be posting my progress. Speaking of Social, did you happen to see Andra's Drawing Sweater?? OMG it's BEAUTIFUL!! I already have the pattern printed and am dying to get this cast on as well. I eluded to the curse of my business, this is it, too many projects and not enough time...I have several sweaters in queue each one deserving of my love and attention. I have plenty of love, it's the attention thing that I struggle with, we all do. I do my best juggling act, often times with too many balls in the air, but there's usually not a catastrophe. It is definitely a first world problem having an excess of sweaters to knit...'cuz we all know, I need another sweater.

I realize this is a bit short, but I'm taking Addie to the airport this morning so she can spend some time with her Granny Hanny. We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday, from 6-7:30 for the FIRST Stitch and Bitch of 2023, I hope you can join in the fun (I will be wearing my Emsworth Vest). Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


P.S. Watercolor is by Catherine Montstream, love her artwork...

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