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Good Morning Everyone!

Next week, at this time, I will be walking on the beach in beautiful Vero Beach, FL. Which means, I will not be writing my newsletter. DO NOT PANIC, I AM NOT DEAD, JUST ON VACATION AND I WILL NOT BE BRINGING MY COMPUTER. That said, it's only fair, if I'm going to leave you in a lurch, you deserve to have a special treat. I am getting a big box of yarn from Berroco today, it is full of SPRING YARN!!! I promise not to open it before Stitch and Bitch, we'll have lots of fun tomorrow night seeing all of the gorgeous new yarns together. I've, of course, already seen them, but it's been so long since my meeting with Andra, I've forgotten what I ordered. If you are unable to attend, have no fear, Carrie will be taking a video and I'll get it posted on Social ASAP. Once again, Berroco has hit it out of the park with their designs and new yarns, SERIOUSLY!!! I have the pattern booklets in the shop, but there are several new patterns available only as PDFs on their website. I encourage you to checkout you will not be disappointed, if anything you won't know what to do with all of the inspiration. I need to figure out which new project I'll be bringing to Florida. It will be too hot to work on my Drawing Sweater and with any luck, my Pressed Flowers Cardigan will be finished.

I honestly can't believe Pressed Flowers is still on the needles, I could cry...actually, it's simply embarassing, it's the gift that keeps giving, it just wants to always be my focus, UGH!! I was struggling again with the basic concept of reading, meaning I didn't. I couldn't get the chart to work out correctly and was getting frustrated. Joyce had mentioned something about sleeve decreases and I said I hadn't decreased on the first sleeve because I didn't want it to puff out near the ribbing. I'd completely forgotten that there were 4 little stitches at the beginning of the sleeve that were decreased. HMMM, the exact same number of stitches that was throwing off my pattern, how very interesting. Dumb Dumb me pulled out an extra 16 ROWS because apparently reading the written words was above my pay grade. It only became crystal clear when I started working the chart again, cheese and rice I make things difficult. The good news is, I have the correct number of stitches and I should be able to make it to the ribbing without incident. That is the goal for today, get this damn sleeve finished. There is of course the ribbing that needs to be picked up around the fronts and back. Is it worth mentioning that Andra has not only finished and worn her Pressed Flowers Cardi, she's finished and worn her Obba and I'm still not done with mine...No shit it's not a contest lol, I can't complete, I mean compete....

We will be meeting tomorrow evening for Stitch and Bitch from 6-7:30, I hope you can join in the fun. The shop will be closed next week, I will be open on Saturday March 18th as long as I get home by Friday. Make it a great day, I'll see you soon!


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