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And That's All Folks....

Good Morning Everyone!

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE WEEKEND!!! I had so much fun and excitement, I'm exhausted in the best way possible. Saturday was absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!! I was incredibly nervous the trunk show wouldn't be well attended, Zoe & Lucinda would waste their time and energy travelling all the way here. I apologize for ever thinking that, for not believing in my wonderful community of friends, HOLY SHIT was I wrong. I get a bit emotional just thinking about it, STILL! I rarely give myself much credit for the work I do until I see a beautiful gathering of folks getting excited over skeins of yarn, it was definitely The Field of Dreams...if you build it, they will come. Knitters are suckers anyway, I'm the biggest one, I'll get to that in a bit. If you weren't able to attend, stop on by, I have a lovely selection of Woolerton Estate Yarns and shop samples for you to see. As a result of this event, I think we have unofficially selected our summer KAL, the Soft Tee knit up in The Exotic I better hurry up and finish my Bolan, fingers crossed it will be done today (the porch is calling my name). A big thank-you to Carrie, she not only showed up to help on Saturday, she made an incredible crock pot of soup for us. She is definitely the little engine that could and keeps me on track, I am most grateful for Carrie and everything she does for me. Of course, without the continued support from all of YOU, my little dream of owning a yarn shop simply could not be,THANK-YOU TIMES INFINITY!

Speaking of suckers, let me tell you about my little adventure on Sunday. I'll start by saying, I don't need anymore yarn, sound familiar?? I fell in love with a beaded cardigan Lucinda had brought to the trunk show, I decided I'd buy the yarn when I went up to attend her Afternoon Pre Eclipse Knitting circle on Sunday. Carrie, Andra (YES ANDRA WAS HERE!!!) and I loaded up into Carla's Navigator (the nicest car I've ever been in my life, MASSAGE SEATS!!!) and headed up across the border. We arrived at Mont Tricot, set up our chairs outside and went into the candy store. I started looking at the Suri Alpaca for the cardigan and then wandered around to the Julie Asselin wall only to discover this squishy BOUCLE, ooh, la, la!! We've been discussing boucle for another KAL, Andrea Mowry's Morning Rituals I have never knit with Boucle, so I figured that maybe I should get myself acquainted. It didn't hurt that there was a lovely V-neck pullover begging me to try her on. Hook, line and sinker, I had to have this sweater, wait until you see the color I picked (not purple or pink), lol....To add insult to injury, Lucinda's sample had a lovely contrast color for the ribbing around the neck, hand painted silk mohair with beads and sequins, of course I needed that too. It's a skein of Artyarns, which if you're not familiar with, is the epitome of luxury, like Carla's Navigator, seriously, I could live in that thing lol. I've successfully dangled another carrot in front of my face, I can't wait to cast this on!!

I don't need to say much about yesterday's PERFECT WEATHER FOR THE ECLIPSE!!! I have never experienced anything like it and probably never will again, what an amazing day! Andra and I walked downtown to Red House Sweets for some treats and then over to Adam Monet's pop up restaurant (which I hear he's going to become a permanent fixture) and then to Taylor Park to people watch. I wore my beautiful shawl, it was the perfect day for it. We met a woman from Massachusetts that commented and took a picture of it, that's always a great feeling. When it began to get "too peopley" we walked up the hill and onto my porch. What glorious weather, the sun was amazing and was getting ready for her big performance, and perform she did. We walked over to friend's house to sit on their deck and literally take in the view. I had no idea what to expect, but that 4 minutes of totality is something I'll always remember.

I'm almost finished, promise....I have recently hung up posters in the shop with the details for the Retreat May 18th and 19th, I'll be sharing the details on Social soon, don't worry there's still plenty of space. Local Yarn Shop day, April 27th, is going to be amazing, there are some wonderful FREE patterns being offered with the purchase of yarn and I am going to introduce a new yarn, it's something I've worked with and it is quite lovely. I have ordered special pins and stitch stoppers for the event and I'm sure Carrie has something up her sleeve lol.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30, for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun! Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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