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Blinded By The Light...

Good Morning Everyone!

Moonlight from a full beautiful moon, consecutive days of sunlight, my pupils can hardly stand it after a cloudy, gray winter??? It's hardly been winter, just cold and dreary, but as of tomorrow, it will be the last day until October that the sun sets before 6:00. We've officially made it through the dark days of winter, we'll be moving the clocks forward soon. My friend Carla said her tulips were starting to poke through, OMG how exciting. Somewhere in the back of my mind I do realize just how cold and snowy March can be. Remember when the Maple Festival was in the middle of March? I do, it was always cold and often dumped snow during the parade. I know we're not exactly out of the woods yet, but a sunny 40 degrees at 6:30 a.m. at the end of February certainly is disturbing, but a treat.

Speaking of the moon, I'm binding off my Wisdom of the Moon Shawl, it is so beautiful!!! It's taking forever, it's an I-cord bind off, totally worth it but very time consuming. I ran out of all three of my colors while knitting this project, I just love yarn chicken lol....I wasn't sure how far my 45 yards of color B would go (not very), I only had a 25gram mini skein. The color I choose for the moon phase likely would have gone the distance had I not substituted it in for color B, yep, ran out of that but at the very end. I only had 2 skeins plus some leftover of my main color, ran out of that too. Of course the color I needed has been ordered so I grabbed the last skein of Denim and hoped for the best. I'll let you be the judge...

I heard from Zoe, Woolerton Estates Yarns, she's getting ready to start dying The Exotic for the Trunk Show, April 6th. She will be sending me a list of color palettes so we can see what is available. I went out on a limb when asked what colors you gravitated towards, JEWEL tones, right?? We're certainly not neutrals or brights, and historically not pastels, but think about colors and don't forget to check out her website to see the types of yarn she has available. I've already started a list, thank-you for those that have done their homework already lol. I asked Zoe how long she was planning on being at the shop, guess what??? ALL DAY!!!! YAY!!!! AND GUESS WHO SHE'S BRINGING???? LUCINDA FROM MONT TRICOT!!!! So check out the website

I'm getting lots of inventory this week!!! Big boxes (65lbs) from Berroco with new summer yarn and another Malabrigo restock of Rios. I'll be posting a video of the box opening so you can see all of the pretty new things. Hopefully some of it will be here in time for Stitch and Bitch tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30!! It's supposed to be really warm tomorrow, like 60 degrees, perhaps I'll have to debut my Alpine Bloom sweater!!

Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


P.S. Hi Andra, see you Friday....

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