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Bringing The Heat...

Good Morning Everyone!

I'm too hot to think straight, I don't even want my coffee. Bernie and I persevered this morning, we did our hike despite hitting a wall of thick air when I opened the door at 6:00 (75 degrees). Seriously, how do people put up with this heat? I'm channeling my friend Meg who was bummed she was going to be out of town during the heatwave. SHE LOVES BEING HOT!! Well Meg, I soaked in about all I could stand while trekking through the woods with Bernie. The air was not only thick with humidity, the bugs were actually stuck hanging in it. I felt like I was walking through a swarm the entire time. Bernie came home with a swollen eyelid from a stupid horse fly, poor buddy...That said, is it too hot to knit??? NOPE!!!!!

I won't be sitting outside on my glider, unfortunately, but thankfully my house stays fairly cool. The windows have all be closed, the shades are drawn and the fans are keeping the air moving. I'm almost finished with my Deschain top and I'm thrilled to say that I easily won yarn chicken, phew!! Initially I wasn't sure I'd be able to use the yarn to sew the seams, I was more than a bit worried. I may still use reinforcing yarn to sew the seams, I haven't decided yet. I got excited to use my new provisional cast on with Purl Strings trick without thinking it all the way through. I'm so used to knitting top down in the round, I forgot to consider this garment is knit in pieces, oops. I realized this when I was halfway down the front and had to change my game plan a bit. I am pretty proud of the solution I came up with, smart fart that I am lol...I simply slipped the shoulder stitches onto two sets of needles and did a three needle bind off. The neckline stitches are still on my Purl Strings and I'll knit the neckline last, just like the pattern says. I love this top, I've admired Kathleen's for years and it was Kismet that I just happened to have (5) skeins of Suede sitting very lonely in my Sale Trunk for at least 6 years. I now have two new sweaters in discontinued yarn lol, not the brightest move, but since we're all pros at yarn substitution....gauntlet thrown.

Let's talk about Emotional Support Chickens, AGAIN!! Thank-you to everyone who has volunteered to knit/crochet a chicken for the BROODHAHA. Honestly, I'm not at all surprised by the overwhelming support of this community. There's so much unsettling news locally, nationally, globally, it's important to focus on situations we can help change, even if it seems small. Sometimes the littlest things have the biggest impact and let's face it, our community is small but has a big heart. This event is going to be so much fun and bring joy and happiness and truly help make a difference to those in need. The proceeds of this event will stay local, Martha's Kitchen and Tim's House will be the recipients. I spoke with my friend Vickie, she volunteers at Martha's Kitchen, she indicated that the number of meals they provide is way up from the previous year. So let's pull together, have some fun while helping those in need. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Don't let the heat keep you away, my air conditioner has been installed and will provide a cool oasis. Don't forget, we have KAL this Saturday, June 22nd 9-11:00, let's see those chickens!! We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30, for Stitch and Bitch INSIDE!!! I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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