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Can You Hear Me Now????

Good Morning Everyone!

I can't believe that January is almost over, and a fairly mild one at that. The days are slowly getting longer as we inch our way out of the dark days of winter, each day bringing us closer to Spring. I've already started shifting my thoughts to summer sweaters, the Tegna is high on my list of priorities, right after I finish my Birkin, which I just cast on the other day. I've already had the joy of tinking back 4 rows of color work, 824 stitches, but who's counting? I still manage to amaze myself in just how inept I can be with a skill I've had so much practice with over the decades. Hello chart reading 101 in the round. I have no idea why I decided this late in my career to start reading the chart from the top right instead of the bottom right. And no, it wasn't late night knitting, try 3:00 in the afternoon, a little bit of alcohol may have been involved. I've recently been introduced to Metcalfe's Maple Cream Liqueur, kicks Bailey's Irish Cream's ass. Thank-you Aunt Betsey my coffee will never be the same. I'm still very much a paper and pencil girl, I don't enjoy reading my patterns from my phone, I like them printed. That said, I started my color work for my beautiful Birkin looking at the chart on my phone. I decided later that it was going to be much easier to read the charts if I just printed the pattern. As soon as I had that piece of paper in my hand I instantly stopped and said #@%$!!!!!, clear as mud. Lesson learned....

I'm really excited to finally be doing our first KAL of 2021! I never imagined that I would have to host a virtual KAL, I figured by now we'd be on the other side of this horrible pandemic. But what all of this adversity has taught me, is just how resilient I am. I've upped my game, changed my stratedgy for my business, and decided that anything worth having is worth fighting for. I will do whatever it takes to continue in our new sense of norm until we can physically gather again. I've practiced sending an invite to Rachael, I've scheduled another appointment with her for tomorrow evening to make sure I have all of the T's crossed and the I's dotted. I really hope this goes smoothly. Please know in advance if it's a complete shit show, I tried my very best and practice makes perfect. I did send an email to those of you who ordered yarn for the Il Favorito Grande, it's here, wound, and ready for pick up. I am so excited to see them on the needles, the color combinations are all completely different, every single one is unique. This is going to be lots of fun and I'm looking forward to having us be together, apart. So mark your calendars, Saturday January 30th at 9:00 a.m. the invite with the link will be in your email by Thursday, Friday if I have a problem.

As many of you know, my birthday was yesterday, 54 big ones, YIKES! I had the pleasure of seeing Margie last Saturday and she asked me if I was turning 51, I laughed and said 54. Without missing a beat she said, "Well you look 35." Boy will I take that, even though the silver streaking my hair suggests otherwise and those laugh lines are really wrinkles, a little kindness certainly goes a long way. I had the sheer enjoyment of seeing all of the well wishes on Facebook from so many of you, it made my day, THANK-YOU!!! My birthday was wonderful, Bernie and I started with our hike up Hard'ack at the crack of dawn and watched the sun come up over St. Albans hill. I heard from my family in Nashville, lots of friends, 2 bouquets of Flowers from Howards The Flower Shop which meant I got to see my dear friend Vickie, homemade cupcakes from Aunt Betsey, and dinner at home with my family. Not a bad day at all, even though I screwed up my knitting, it was easily corrected and back on track, wait until you see the color work, WOW!!!

Make it a great day, and I hope to see you soon!


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