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Dare I Say Spring???

Good Morning Everyone!

Well, the signs are all there. The trees are budding, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, the mud is deep, yep, I'd say Spring is here. Two weeks ago we were bracing for a snow storm, followed by 3 glorious days of sun for our Eclipse, then monsoon rains, perfect Spring weather for sure. I read a quote by Henry Van Dyke, it read, "The first day of Spring is one thing, and the first Spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month." By the time we settle into our Spring weather, the first day of Summer is upon us, I love Vermont....There's a reason I own 6 different types (not pairs lol) of boots and my snow boots never leave the front door.

Carrie and I have been getting ready for Local Yarn Shop Day, it's Saturday April 27th 10-4:00. I just finished knitting the Birdwatcher Cowl by Casapinka last night, it's super cute! I'm awaiting the arrival of a brand new yarn, Artyarns Merino Cloud, by Iris Schreier. She has designed a beautiful shawl for LYS day that uses (1) skein of the the Merino Cloud. She has also dyed a gorgeous signature color for LYS day, I saw it when I was at Mont Tricot. I've knit with her yarn before, it is beautiful!! I made a Derecho several years ago, the yoke is hand painted beaded silk and the main color is the Merino Cloud (it has cashmere, yummy!). I was recently enticed by a skein of her Beaded Silk Mohair with Sequins, I passed that little number around last week at Stitch and Bitch. I'm going to knit Berroco's Tartufo and use the beaded silk mohair in the ribbing around the neck, stay tuned....Hoping I can get gauge with that lovely alpaca/wool boucle by Julie Asselin. I'm banking on the amount of positive ease to fake it until I make it on this one lol...I will be posting all of this fun, exciting information on Instagram and Facebook, but I always like giving my faithful followers the "you heard it here, first" advantage.

We have worked out all the details for the Knitting and Crochet Retreat in Alburgh May 18th and 19th. Spaces are limited, you many come either day or both, there are rooms available if you would like to spend the night(s). The cost for one day is $100.00, both days is $140.00, lodging is an additional $100/night. So what does this include??? The meals will be catered by the VT Bake House, there will be a project bag full of goodies, including a project to learn a new technique (a very cool provisional cast on) and workshops covering a variety of topics. The fun is absolutely FREE and most important, we'll be able to hang out by the lake, enjoy Susan's beautiful Bed and Breakfast and RELAX!!!

I'm off to block the Birdwatcher Cowl, it should dry in no time if the sun decides to stick around all day. I'll have it tomorrow night, Wednesday, for Stitch and Bitch 6-7:30 so you can see it (it would make a terrific Christmas gift, don't groan). You will also be able to hear about my adventure with Kathleen, we're going to Sutton!!!! I forgot to get my Oka Cheese last time, and I just purchased Isabell Kraemer's latest design, Mabel so....My Bolan is finished, so....And a reminder, we have KAL this Saturday, April 20th 9-11:00 I would love to see more of the Wisdom of The Moon Shawls. Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


P.S. Hi Andra!!!!

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