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Did Someone Say, "Chicken?"

Good Morning Everyone!

There's so much excitement being generated around the Emotional Support Chicken Frenzy. The KAL gals met on Saturday and I can honestly say it was one of the quietest sessions EVER lol. Everyone was working on their ESC which isn't exactly mindless, but not difficult either, you just need to count, A LOT. I must say, they are so adorable, I absolutely love seeing what you've created. I think the best part is the memories they create as you go through your stash. Sandy used yarn from her Swirl Sweater, I think that was the second KAL we did. It was fun to listen to stories of what the yarn's original purpose was. Doesn't it feel good to use up some stash and donate it to a wonderful cause? In my opinion, that deserves a reward, hmmmm what could that be?

Donna stopped by just as we were finishing up KAL, she brought along her latest Chicken friends, OMG so stupid cute! It's difficult to have a favorite, they are all so cute, but her hot pink "Barbie Que" is adorable. A big thank-you to everyone who's reached out offering to contribute to this fundraiser. I think it comes at an important time, we need to do something that makes us not only help our community, but focus on the good in our community. I went to the Public Safety Meeting last Tuesday at City Hall, oy vey...there's a lot of fear and frustration circulating in our little city, with good reason. I think that if we can come together and spread some kindness, it will help shed light on a situation that is rather dire, but fixable. I can't wait to see all of these chickens filling the windows of the businesses downtown, people are going to LOVE THEM!! I heard from my friend, Jen from Yarn in Waterbury, she's offered to forward the information to the Vermont Knitting Guild to see if anyone would like to help us out. THANK-YOU, JEN!!!!!

I finished my first ESC, Dixie, I'm going to poke through my stash today so I can cast on my next one. I've been off in Sweaterland and need to crank out a couple more chickens. I finished my Deschain top, I wore it on Saturday, it is so pretty! My Mabel cardigan was minding her own business drying nicely on the porch when Marvin decided he had NOWHERE ELSE TO LAY DOWN!!! That fleabag cat had the audacity to scrunch it up, lay on it, and dig his claws in. I was able to reshape and desnag it, I wanted to throw him. It's worth mentioning that the glider didn't have any cushions on it, unlike the TWO chairs 4 feet away, he just had to jump up. I'm still pissed and fed him his breakfast late, jerk....I did start my Tresse sweater by Isabel Kraemer, it's the color of Bazooka bubble gum, it's so pretty!!! I love the combination of the cream colored base and the strawberry mohair, it feels as amazing as it looks. If you enjoy interesting sweater construction, I recommend her designs, she's incredible!! I've knit (5) of her patterns and have a few in my library waiting for me, I will never be bored and my house will always be dusty!!!

The Great Northern Yarn Haul will be getting underway July 5th and run through until August 4th. I have printed out passports, and should be getting the project bags this week. We've organized a day trip in the past to visit a few, if you're interested in tagging along, let me know, we should have a date picked out soon. We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30, for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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