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Good Old Challenge....

Good Morning Everyone!

If only you knew the struggles I have some mornings trying to string together a few words to form a complete sentence, this is one of those morning. I knew that my day was probably going to be a challenge when I walked out the door heading towards Hard'ack with my slippers on. I then proceeded to trip over rocks and roots, catching my balance oh so gracefully. Thankfully the humidity that is hanging in the air helped to keep me from falling. I think the universe is trying to tell me to stay in the shade and knit, sounds like a good plan. I'm anxious to see what I did to my Zeen Top last night while celebrating Kathleen's birthday with Wanda (yep, she's back).

Luckily I brought 2 projects with me last night, both rather mindless, so I thought. I got to the end of a round on my Zeen Top only to discover that my pattern was off somewhere. I go back to check the pattern repeat, it looks correct, but it's not. I decide to back the row out, forgetting that part of the sequence involves a PSSO and a K2tog. I'm only tinking the K2tog and inadvertantly dropping the passed over slip stitch, what do you think that does to my stitch count? Would you be surprised to learn that wine was involved? Realizing the error of my way, I proceed to keep tinking another row back to "fix" my first botched attempt. All the while Kathleen is chiding me with, "Where is your lifeline?" Wanda is no support and starts laughing AT ME!!! I'm not defensive at all, I love getting ganged up on and made fun of, that's what friends are for right? They conveniently forgot, that IS MY JOB, NOT THEIRS!!! Anyways, I quickly figure out that the more I touch it, the worse I am making it. Did I mention I also forgot my glasses and I was sitting on the section of the sofa that had no light, nothing like cave knitting. Yes there is an overhead light on the ceiling fan, but at that point it woud be like flipping the lights on at 2:00 a.m. when the bar is closing.

I decided to cut bait and put the thing back into my project bag and work on the Rainbow Hat using my new Cheviat, hand dyed Bobolink yarn from Cloverworks Farm. Katie graciously gave me a skein of her latest dying creation that had me a bit skeptical. All I could think was how much it reminded me of the colors of Bubble Yum from my childhood. Cookie Monster blue that would stain your tongue for a week coupled with my favorite, Pepto Bismal Pink with a section of gray in the middle. Just how does this look knit up? STUNNING is the answer. This hat is super cute, totally not my colors AT ALL, but I know I'll be wearing it. I picked out some gorgeous color combinations if you're still not sold on the pink and blue. The pattern is free with purchase and comes in a variety of sizes. I think I'll have enough leftover yarn to make a colorful pom pom. I should have it finished today, I'm almost at the crown decreases. You will want to stop by to see the selection for yourself.

I also bought Katie's latest fingering weight yarn called Settlement Sock, the colors are beautiful! They would definitely knit up gorgeous socks, strand it with some mohair and knit a Leni Hat, or colorwork for a sweater. I also restocked the Romney fingering weight with some new colors, Carrie is making the Alaska Mittens (free pattern on Ravelry, I have it) for a shop sample. Should I mention that there are 137 days until Christmas? This would make terrific gifts given as a kit or knit up, the yarn is from Vermont which just makes it extra special. I also received more of the Lucciolina silk and merino fingering weight that Kathy dyes and her adorable beaded stitch markers. I'm waiting for my Malabrigo order to arrive, my next shipment from Berroco is scheduled to depart from Rhode Island August 15th, lots of new inventory is coming!! That said, I am running an awesome sale of my summer inventory to make room. 20% OFF SUMMER SESAME, LINELLO, ZINNIA AND MEDINA!!!

I've had such a great time celebrating my 10 year anniversary with so many of you! It's been lots of fun reminiscing where and how it all began. Of course cake, balloons, flowers and bubbly certainly helps make it feel official. In so many ways it's gone incredibly fast, and it others it seems like ages ago that I opened my shop. Addie was 7 years old, Josie was a puppy, and I had A LOT less gray hair. Addie is a senior, Bernie has entered the scene, and my hair, well, what can I say? I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share what I love with so many of you and watch many go from knitting their first dishcloth to making a sweater. It's truly been a wonderful journey both personally and professionally, who could ask for anything more? Thank-you for allowing me to dream my dream....

We will be meeting Wednesday evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch at the shop, bring a lawn chair, and plan to have some fun. Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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