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Empty Nest, Not Really...

Good Morning Everyone!

Back to school certainly feels a lot different this year. It's made me remember how each time it was easier to send Addie on her way without much thought. Those moments of guilt about being able to have the entire day to myself without interruption and still not managing to get the housework done (yes, I was knitting) and now this, complete separation. I've actually had a few people scoff at me and tell me it's just UVM, only 30 minutes away, like there's no reason to miss her, but the point is, she's still gone away to school. And when you raise them to be so independent, they have all the confidence they need to successfully go out on their own, whether it be 30, 300 or 3,000 miles away. I do feel incredibly lucky that Addie is still close by, the ball remains in her court and she knows I'll only get involved if she needs me to, just like always...The smile on that girl's face continues to tell me she's ready and she's got this. A big THANK-YOU to those of you who came to Stitch and Bitch last Wednesday night to say good-bye to Addie. It meant a lot to her and me and alleviated some of my guilt of going to the Wilco concert the night before she was moving, Parenting 101 lol...It bothered me more than it did her, a sure sign of a well adjusted kid and her crazy mother.

I am cruising along on my Efa, not Andra speed, but certainly making some progress. Andra had hers completed in the time it's taken me to get most of the back done, but it's hardly a contest, especially since I'm not winning. I've absolutely LOVED knitting with the new yarns from Berroco, and the patterns are stunning. I'll be receiving another big box this week, Wizard, Vento and Ultra Alpaca Naturals along with a restock of Renew. I finished the Leticia vest in Vento ages ago, if you haven't seen it, be sure to. This yarn is so soft and lightweight, it produces the perfect layering piece, I ordered all the pretty colors. I am so pleased with how my Efa sweater is turning out, there's one mistake and if you find it, I'll give you a million dollars. Renew is simply scrumptious, the perfect blend of wool and cashmere. I picked Arctic Fox which is unusual for me, but I really wanted a color I could successfully drip coffee down the front of. Truth be told, it's a compromise, I've been wanting to knit another Irish Fisherman Knit sweater and I felt this classy little sweater would stand the test of time. It's the perfect sweater to wear with a pair of jeans or string of pearls of perhaps both at the same time. I can't wait to finish it and wear it, I'm really enjoying the process, it's very meditative, which has been perfect for me...

We had a fun filled KAL group last Saturday. The squirrels forced us from beneath the butternut tree, they were playing target practice with our heads, AGAIN. We acquiesced by moving to the lower section of the backyard and continued discussing our next sweaters and knitting away. I learned a new trick from Carrie to knit your ends in as you go. I always start a new skein at the beginning of a row versus the middle, but halfway through my row I came upon a knot. I didn't realize that it was a "working" knot meaning it was connecting two ends and not simply a knot, UGH!!! In my desperate attempt to save my row and avoid weaving in ends in the middle of my beautiful cable pattern, I remembered Carrie knew a little trick. VIOLA!! I learned something new and I didn't have to tink out the row. I'm happy to show you how to seamlessly join two ends to your knitting without weaving in the ends, BRILLIANT! Thank-you Carrie! We will be starting the next KAL September 24th, I'd like to have the yarn ordered by the middle of September. There's still plenty of time to join so stop on by!

Carrie and I did a bunch of videos which I'll start posting today. We have put together some adorable mitten kits and NEW MYSTERY BOXES. We will also be getting Advent boxes together and will be taking preorders soon. I'll keep you posted on the details of those as they become available. I also have the Chunky Pearl Strings in stock along with more of the regular Purl Strings. Cocoknits has just come out with Sweater washing bags which will safeguard your knits when you wash/block them. I have both sizes in stock, you will want to add them to your arsenal of washing supplies, I can't wait to use mine on Efa.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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