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Good Morning Everyone!

I'm finally getting into the holiday spirit, the dusting of snow certainly helps. I was beginning to feel a bit left out seeing all of the beautiful decorations adorning the neighborhoods and downtown. I decided to brave the cold, sacrifice my fingers and decorate my porches. I couldn't help but think how much better it would have been had I'd taken advantage of the 70 degree day we had a week ago. But there's something about a runny nose and numb fingers that makes this annual ritual more rewarding. Let's face it, I'm extremely stubborn and refuse to do much of anything until I feel like it, yesterday was my lucky day. Afterwards, I was able to defrost my fingers around a mug of tea and cast on the cowl Addie wants for Christmas. Next up, chopping down the tree...

'I am having so much fun ordering new gadgets and yarn for all of you!! I received a box of Silky Merino, it's a gorgeous dk weight from Malabrigo Yarn, along with a couple bags of Sock and Rasta Pintada. I should know by now that there are no ugly colors of Malabrigo, the Rasta Pintada is stunning. My Katrinkles order should be here soon, I'm excited to see the logo stitch markers and needle gaugers along with the suede tags. I also ordered some great stitch marker sets from Hiya Hiya, the most adorable clam shell shaped cases with bright colored markers that are easily located if dropped between the seat cushions. I have more Aerial mohair coming, there will be new colors available for you to create some lovely color combinations. I have patterns available to knit hats, cowls and mittens if you're looking for a little inspiration and have been wanting to try stranding mohair. If this isn't enough, wait until you see the Shift Cowl Carrie has knit in Berroco's Millefiori, you're going to want one!

I finally finished the body of my Westland sweater, WAHOO! I even measured it before starting the ribbing and binding it off. I didn't feel the need to repeat the nightmare of my Grouse Creek sweater, cropped sweaters aren't my thing lol. I wound the yarn for my Birkin on Friday night while Zooming with Wanda and Kathleen, but haven't cast it on yet. I really needed to start the cowl Addie wants for Christmas, which shouldn't take but a couple of evenings to make, but time is a ticking and is not the friend of a procrastinator. I do this while running around after Bernie making sure he's not attacking Marvin, eating cat food, or chewing something like computer cords, his favorite, no rest for the wicked.

Since Christmas is on Friday this year, the shop hours the week before will be Monday, December 21st - Thursday, December 24th 10-5:00. I will be closed from December 25th - January 1st for inventory and cleaning.

Make it a great day, and I hope to see you soon!


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