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Fingers Crossed...

Good Morning Everyone!

Hopefully this week's newsletter will go off without a hitch, I super hate technology. I've survived just fine the majority of my life without access to instant information or relying on WiFi to get through my day. The Dewey Decimal system means something to me, I can look up a book using a card catalog, I wrote research papers using Encyclopedia Brittanica, I can footnote, AND I CAN READ A MAP!!!! That said, you'd think I'd be better at reading a chart, apparently that's where I draw the line. In the event that the wrong newsletter gets attached again, you can always access it from my website and click on Newsletter.

So I've been knitting away on my Zeen Top, not without incident, are you shocked? Last week I brought it to Snow Farm to watch a concert with Carrie. It was a beautiful night, the music was so amazing, I didn't realize I'd made a mistake. What's especially irritating is I thought I was being so careful and checking my work, luckily I only had to tink back a few rows. Last night I decided to measure to see how close I was to finishing the body, when all of a sudden, I spy with my little eye a big freakin' mistake, more like 5 in a row, 10 rows down, @#$%&*!!!! Remember the YO, Slip 1 purlwise, K2tog, PSSO, YO, K3? I'd conveniently shifted 5 repeats over by one stitch but somehow recovered the remaining round, I'm that talented. I have no idea how I didn't pick up on this until I laid it flat to measure, the K3 column should have given me a clue, NOPE!! All I can say is there was no way in hell I was going to tink back 10 rows, and of course I DON'T NEED A LIFELINE, EVER!!!! Stubborn has always been one of my better qualities, lol...

I did save the task for this morning with a fresh gallon of coffee and a much better attitude. I slipped the needles out of my beautiful sweater and started to slowly unravel a few hours of work in about 2 minutes. Now comes the fun part, getting those needles back in without dropping a stitch, did I mention the YO's? Just an added element of fun at 5:30 a.m. Here's a tip, when putting the stitches back on the needle, it's much easier to use a needle a few sizes smaller, I went down about 4 just to be safe. Abra Cadabra I'm simply amazing, I got them all back on the needle! Seriously, who needs a lifeline? The good news is, once I reknit that inch, I'll be ready to bind it off and start the sleeves, stay tuned!!

I'm excited that I have more yarn coming this week from Berroco and hopefully Malabrigo! I can't believe that school will be starting soon and that Fall is just around the corner, can anyone say Pumpkin Spice? Now is the time to think about holiday knitting and a new sweater for those cooler days that will be coming. Carrie has finished one of the Alaska mittens using Bobolink Yarn's Romney fingering weight, double stranded, ADORABLE!! I made a Rainbow Hat with Bobolink Yarn's Cheviat, it's super cute! The hat is at the shop if you'd like to see it, the pattern is FREE with purchase and would make a great gift, I made mine in a couple of nights, the Pom Pom is amazing!! Speaking of hats, I've collected 12 for Julie's Christmas hat drive for the residents at Maple Ridge Memory Care. The goal is 52, so let me know where we are at so I can let Julie know. A big thank-you to Mary, Sue, Carrie and Joanne for their generous hat donation!!!

We will be meeting tomorrow evening at the shop from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, bring a chair and join in the fun! Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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