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Get Those Needles Clicking

Good Morning Everyone!

If you didn't see my video, it's official, my Spencer sweater is finished! I absolutely love it, I've never made anything so soft in my life. I can't believe my initial reluctance when Andra first suggested stranding with mohair. It's hardly a new concept, the ladies at Espace Tricot in Montreal have been doing it for years. The secret is out, and I honestly can't believe it took me so long to follow suit. My first introduction to a mohair sweater was one my grandmother had knit for my father back in the 60's. I found it in the attic in 1980 something. I can assure you, it was kind of prickly and nothing I could stand wearing directly on my skin. It appeared to be soft and fluffy, but wearing it didn't exactly produce a warm, fuzzy feeling, it itched and shed. I can assure you, this is not your grandmother's knitting. If your initial experience was similar to mine, I challenge you to give mohair another try. While first impressions are important, they don't always tell the full story, my opinion of mohair has been forever changed, THANK-YOU ANDRA!!!

If you'd rather ease your way into it, I have posted a couple of smaller projects on my Facebook page that are proven winners. The Arber Cowl was featured on Marji's Yarncrafts, it uses Berroco's Sesame and Aerial, Carrie will be dropping off a shop sample tomorrow. The other is Isabell Kraemer's Leni Hat, which uses fingering weight yarn with Aerial. A gentle reminder that these would make the perfect gift for that someone special and require very little time. I think Carrie had that cowl finished in a couple of nights. Paula picked up the materials on Saturday, I wouldn't be surprised if hers is finished too (no pressure Paula).

I met with Katie Sullivan from Cloverworks Farm on Friday, she restocked my Bobolink fingering weight with some beautiful new colors. Of course I had to have the latest shade of green along with a striking new blue, the combination was simply irresistable to me. It's worth mentioning that they pretty much mirrored the colors I was wearing, I'm so predictable. Additionally, she brought the most adorable Snowman mitten kit I've ever seen, she jokingly referred to them as "Grandma Grabbers" she's not wrong. I also had to have her Totally Square hat kit along with the Cheers Hat kit, both would make the perfect gift either knit up or wrapped up with a bow. I can't wait for you to see them, the colors are amazing and the best part is, THEY'RE MADE IN VERMONT!!!

I'm so excited about the progress we're making on our COVID-19 afghan. A big thank-you to Sandy who has been graciously assembling the strips, they look amazing!! I finished putting mine together while watching the Ohio State vs Penn State football game on Saturday night, YAY BUCKEYES!! Since mine is the last row, I just realized that I need to knit the bottom border before tomorrow evening, guess I know what I'm doing later.

After tearing apart my Westland sweater twice, I decided I hated my original color combination. I was so in love with that color of Rios I was unwilling to accept that it really wasn't the right choice to go with the Ultra Alpaca, I was having flashbacks of my uncertainty when knitting my Sipila in that the colorwork wasn't going to pop enough. While I dodged a bullet with my Sipila, it was becoming increasingly obvious that I wasn't going to have the same good fortune if I stayed on my current path. As my luck would have it, I did get in a lovely new color of Rios called Blue Jean, prayers answered. I'm cruising along in the colorwork, the combination is stunning and I'm happy, win, win, win...the deadline is November 15th for the Christmas sweater KAL, think I can do it? Stay tuned.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6:00-7:30 at the offices of Arnold and Scangas Architects located above One Federal, the entrance is located on Lake Street. You may bring your own chair or use one of the office chairs. Masks are required. I hope you can join in the fun! Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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