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Get Your Passports Ready!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Who's ready to Yarn Haul??? I'm super excited for a lot of reasons, mainly I get to take a few road trips with Wanda and Kathleen, and I don't have to drive!!! We've tenatively planned our stratedgy and are looking forward to having a great time. I need to figure out which sweater I'm buying yarn for, because like the rest of you, I NEED ANOTHER PROJECT!! My Tegna is all blocked, dried and hanging up ready to be worn. Wanda was right, I had plenty of time to finish up and wear for the Haul. Like most of my projects, there's always a lemon that needs to get turned into lemonade, thankfully it didn't require a ton of sugar.

My top is knit with Sparrow, 100% linen, not a lot of "give." I carefully measure my armhole several times, yep, 5.25" before starting the short row shoulder shaping for the back, perfection! The front is easy, no short rows, work until they measure 4.25", viola, got it, work even shaping neckline. RS together, three needle bind off the shoulders, then pick up and knit the neckline, and we're sliding into homeplate. I loosely bind off the neckline stitches being mindful that it's linen and then try it on. Hmmm, armholes are a bit snug and I haven't put the sleeves on yet. According to the picture they are rather fitted, not sure what to do, I hate tight anything. I start texting Kathleen telling her I'm nervous that the sleeves will be too tight once I pick up the stitches. The thought of tearing out the neckline, shoulder seams, and short rows to add length just irritated me. I'm quite certain she sensed that ripping out wasn't an option, she says, "block it and then try it on." She takes it one step further, "see how it looks without sleeves." MUSIC TO MY EARS!!! My Tegna sweater is a tank top and oh so cute!!! The sleeves are capped and cradle my shoulders like it was knit for me, I truly amaze myself. I now have 3 new tank tops and of course cast on the Admit minutes after my Tegna hit the blocking mats. I'm cruising along, it's the perfect project to work on while watching my Habs get one game closer to hopefully winning the Stanley Cup, 3 more to go, TALL order.

Speaking of tall orders, remember my Coastal Breeze that used to be the Julie Twist Top? That Silky Merino is now all rewound and ready to become the Zeen Top, three times the charm hopefully. It really wasn't too devastating to pull the entire piece out, all 450 yards of it. I was of course inspired when Carrie delivered my shop sample, Noncho, that she knit using Malabrigo's Silky Merino, IT'S SO SOFT AND DRAPES BEAUTIFULLY!! It is currently soaking and will be rolled into a towel pretty much after I finish this. I've yet to be disappointed by anything that says Malabrigo on the label, the colors are stunning and the hand is just amazing, I love knitting with this yarn. I have about 9" to go on the Admit before dividing the front and back. I think that will be the perfect time to cast on the Zeen just to break the monotony of all those rows knit in the round.

In preparation of the Great Northern Yarn Haul, Carrie came up on Saturday and completely rearranged the shop, the girl works miracles is all I can say. She totally had a game plan and executed it perfectly, she really out did herself AGAIN! She even took into consideration making room for the Malabrigo order that will be here on THURSDAY, finally! I know you've been patiently waiting to see the new colors so you can pick out your yarn for our next KAL, Martha Wissing's Schieffelin. As previously mentioned, you may also use Berroco's Ultra Wool (which is featured in the pattern), Vintage, Sesame, and Rios or a combination of. I'm exercising an incredible amount of restraint, I won't allow myself to wind my yarn. This just gives me permission to start another project or two, I have plenty of time, 19 days to be exact. I imagine the Admit will be done in about a week, especially if the Habs take it all the way, GO HABS GO!!! I will say this, it's awfully strange to be watching hockey in July.

I am pleased to say that I heard from many of you who are willing to help my friend Julie hit her goal of knitting hats for the residents of the memory care facility where her Dad is. I emailed several of you patterns to consider, but feel free to use one of your favorites. They are Christmas gifts, so there is plenty of time. If you can have them finished by the middle of November, that will give Julie time to pick them up. Feel free to drop them off when you're done and I can give her an idea of the number we've knit. A big Thank-you in advance!!!

Our COVID afghan has been completed for awhile and I'm really excited that the final piece of it will be added this week. My friend Laurie has made a beautiful leather tag to sew onto the back, it commemorates why we knit the afghan. With the Capital finally reopening, I am hopeful that I can make an appointment to bring it to Governor Scott. I would like as many of you who worked on it to come with me if possible, stay tuned for the details.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening for Stitch and Bitch 6-7:30 at the shop, rain or shine. A gentle reminder that if you have not been fully vaccinated, I'd like you to wear a mask while at the shop. Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!



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