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Happily We Knit Along....

Good Morning Everyone!

After this past year, we certainly deserved to have the most beautiful day for World Wide Knit In Public Day, and it was, I ordered it. It was awesome to be gathered by the fountain, knitting away, enjoying each other's company, mask free. As we were knitting on our projects, Jodi asked if there was a decision about the next KAL. Drum roll please....Martha Wissing's Schieffelin!! I LOVE THIS SWEATER!! It is knit top down and features a gorgeous garter stitch mosaic yoke. I've never done mosaic knitting and I thought this would be a fun new technique to introduce to the group. Mosaic knitting is a great way to create bold graphical elements without stranded colorwork. If you've been wanting to accomplish the look of colorwork but have been nervous about carrying colors, this is the perfect project for you. I've seen this sweater knit, Sandy made hers and it's absolutely STUNNING!!! I was already planning on knitting this sweater, I've picked out my yarn, it's waiting patiently in queue. The original design features Berroco's Ultra Wool worsted, you could use Berroco's Vintage, do the colorwork in Sesame perhaps. You could also use Malabrigo's Rios, SO MANY OPTIONS! Let me know if you'd like to participate, we'll be casting on this project Saturday July 24th. There are still a few of you working on the Summer Sweater KAL, this will give you plenty of time to finish and wear it to the next gathering (no pressure).

I've been working on the Donna Cowl using Berroco's new Dulce, it's super cute and sooooo soft. The little bumblebee design is taking shape, I just love it. Carrie has already decided that a pair of mittens would be adorable with the bee embellishment hoovering above the ribbing, I agree. I've also been cruising through the lacework of my Tegna, can you believe it??? I can't!! No lifeline and I only have 2 more rows to complete and then comes the miles of knitting in the round. My goal is to have it finished before Wanda gets here for the Great Northern Yarn Haul next month. I CAN DO IT!!! I know I'll need another project that entails more than just knitting in the round, sounds like the perfect time to pull out my Coastal Breeze and start the Zeen top in that gorgeous Silky Merino by Malabrigo. The fun just never ends lol!!!! Then of course there is the Admit tee I must have in the green Pima 100. I need to get these things finished because it's almost time for me to start my Foxthoughts sweater and then there's the 4th Il Grande Favorito I want to make using Remix Chunky...OMG make it stop!!! Then there's that beautiful Night Shift shawl kit I bought last October in Colorado featuring local alpaca. Just how deep can I go? I know there are worse problems to have...

I've always said, "safety in numbers" and our amazing little state has proved what happens when we work together. I am so thrilled that enough of our population has been vaccinated enabling us to experience life again without wearing a mask. I do ask that if you have not been vaccinated that you wear your mask in the shop and during our gatherings. If you would feel more comfortable if I wear a mask while you shop, I certainly will oblige, no judgement, no questions asked. I hope that with the state of emergency being lifted as of TODAY, we can get a group together to deliver our beautiful COVID afghan we knit for the Governor, he certainly deserves it. I will see what needs to happen to bring it to Montpelier, it would be a fun road trip for sure.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening at the shop from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun! Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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