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Happy Fiberuary!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

Well, that little rodent of a groundhog really took matters into his own hands when he predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Nothing like a freaking Polar Vortex to jumpstart the month. I have words and thoughts about this, suffice it to say, I just returned from a beautiful moonlit and sunrise hike which is enough to help me forget about those subzero days. The sun is beating on my face, I have on one of my many beautiful sweaters, coffee is hot and Bernie is snoring, life is pretty darn good. AND, I'm one day closer to flying to VERO BEACH FLORIDA WITH ADDIE TO VISIT MARIAH, 34 days OMG!! What's even better, I have a gorgeous new sweater to bring with me, Peggy finished the Culet in Berroco's Spree. If you saw my box opening video last week, I introduced it to you then. If not, it's in the shop and I'll likely have Carrie do a video of me wearing it especially once more of my Spring/Summer inventory starts to arrive.

I do realize that winter isn't finished with us yet, we have until at least Maple Festival which is technically halfway through "Spring" but hey, we all know the drill. That said, I have more Malabrigo Rios heading our way, I received an email from them regarding a huge inventory restock so I hopped on board and grabbed some. The Killer Queen Cowl by Lyrical Knits is stunning and uses just (3) skeins of Rios. Carrie has been working on hers and brought it to Stitch and Bitch last week, I LOVE IT! I did get my Pom Poms in from Life's Little Things along with Pom Pom makers in a variety of sizes. If you're looking for some inspiration, I follow @flynnknit on Instagram, you should see the Pom Poms she makes, OMG!!! I had no idea you could create such stunning Pom Poms, I highly suggest you check her out, super cool.

In an effort not to jinx myself, my Pressed Flowers cardigan is coming along nicely, more nicely than my dear friend Claudine's Pressed Flowers Shawl. And I quote, "OH MY @#$%&* GOD I just got to the border of the Pressed Flowers Shawl (only 39 rows to go before bind off). I looked at the pattern with my glasses off to see if the border was much different than the body pattern repeat and realize I'd read the chart wrong. I mistook the Slipped Stitch for a Purl because both were so tiny in the chart. It is like a bazillion hours down the drain." I, of course, could feel her pain having suffered a similar mishap. She sent me a picture and the only section that was correct was the very first repeat. My heart just sank, it is absolutely the worst feeling when you work so hard on something and it has to be taken out. What's worse, it's a gift for a special friend, of course she wants it to be perfect. So as you're knitting today, please send out some good Karma wishes and thoughts of unity to my friend Claudine. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! We've all done it and will do it again. It does go a lot quicker the second, or in my case, third time around, the pattern is easy to see and memorize. I did tell her that chocolate or new shoes sometimes takes the sting away. You got this Claudine!!!

As many of you know I LOVE WINTER! I've always been fascinated with snowflakes. I remember "collecting" them as a kid on my mittens, completely intrigued by the fact every single one of them was different. The beautiful snowflake picture I featured today was taken by Debbie St. Amand, it brought me back to my childhood of laying in the snow, catching snowflakes and trying to find two that looked alike. Now that I think about it, I believe my mother told me to stay outside until I found two that looked alike, she was clever. It really is quite extraordinary that the ground is covered with billions of snowflakes and no two are alike. These are the strange thoughts that go through my mind while hiking at Hard'ack which frequently get interupted by my crazy Bernie blazing by, chasing squirrels way up in the canopy of the trees.

I plan on spending most of my day off "working" aka knitting my "shop samples" aka new sweater. My list is long and in an effort not to get completely overwhelmed by the tasks my boss makes me do, I need to work on my days off in order to keep her happy. Tough job, I know, but she's so impossible and demanding. We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday, from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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