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Holy Crocus Flowers, Batman!!

Good Morning Everyone!

I did a double take yesterday afternoon while I was out walking Bernie. I couldn't believe the huge patch of crocus flowers that had popped up. This is a sure sign of Spring, even more so than the steady stream of sap that has been running out of the trees. The thermometer tricked me into thinking it was a bit warmer than it actually was. 50 degrees in March is warm by our standards, but the wind was telling a different tale. I was surpised simply because this patch of flowers wasn't nestled next to a house protected from the wind, like my thermometer sensor. They were fully exposed to the elements, much like my arms in my 3/4 length sweater sleeves. Seeing that beautiful pop of color against the still drab ground was Mother Nature's way of telling me to hurry up a finish that new Spring sweater I just cast on.

Yup, I cast on a new sweater on Sunday. My mind and hands cannot handle only working on one project at a time. Extra permission is also granted when one successfully finishes another sweater, my beautiful Pressed Flowers Cardigan IS COMPLETE!!! I love my new sweater!!! It doesn't matter how many times I cast on a new project, the feeling is still the same. The endorphins are released and I'm a happy knitter until I do something stupid. I decided to knit Berroco's Sorbet sweater using Lang Yarn's Paradise, which is new this season. The pattern calls for Meraki, but I couldn't decide on a color combination so I figured I'd let the yarn do all the work. Paradise is a cotton and viscose blend and has a bit of a sheen to it. It creates a drapey fabric and shades beautifully. I did say last week I needed a purple sweater, and this colorway has purple, but truth be told, the pop of bright yellow and orange hit me between the eyes. All I could think about is my Mango Dansko sandals matching my new sweater. I'm excited to see how this color works itself out. It has started out rather "pastelly" (my own word) but looks like it develops into some richer tones. I was tempted to pull out the pastel section and start a little further up the skein but since it's a "shop sample" I suppose I should showcase the entire colorway.

I have my mindless knitting project, Sorbet, and soon my Drawing Sweater will be mindless too. I am cruising up the colorwork charts and absolutely love watching the flowers take shape. The more I knit, the more I love the colors I selected. The KAL gals met this past Saturday, Robin is leading the pack, she's divided for the sleeves and is likely finished with the charts by now. I have a new appreciation for just how quickly Andra knit this sweater, I think it was 2 weeks, unbelievable. That said, she knit her Pressed Flowers, Obba, and Capon in less time than it took me to knit my Pressed Flowers Cardigan. Am I upset? YES!!! But, it does keep me motivated and those needles going just as fast as they can. Thoughts of the Tortoise and the Hare story run through my mind periodically, but I've yet to win the race and I can't even claim a close second. To that I say, it isn't a competition, especially if I'm not winning...

Carrie and I have been busy in the shop packing it full of the latest and greatest yarns by Berroco and Lang. I'm still completely shocked at her ability to rearrange and fill every nook and cranny like butter melts into an English Muffin. I am completely on sensory overload and want to knit all the pretty things YESTERDAY!! It makes me crazy to think of the beautiful new patterns available to knit knowing I'll never be able to create them all. Here's where YOU come in. I am perfectly happy living vicariously through you and your knitting adventures. Stop by to see all of the gorgeous yarns I have, you won't be sorry. The pattern support for the yarns is amazing, if there is a yarn you see that I don't have, it can be special ordered and drop shipped to you. If you haven't knit a summer garment before, now is the time. The crocus flowers have spoken, SPRING IS COMING, knit yourself a pretty new top. I'm slowly transitioning my heavy winter wool sweaters to my lighter weight ones, soon we'll have no sleeves, isn't this exciting??? The boots will still remain by the door until after Maple Festival.

On Saturday, April 8th, starting at 10:30 I'll be hosting a yarn tasting. I already have a list started of those interested. I will have everything you need for the project except the needles, bring a 16" size 4. The project is the Slip Away Cowl by Kay Litton and is free on Ravelry if you want to take a look at it. I will have a copy of the pattern and the yarns all kitted up and ready, it's $25. You can certainly purchase one and take it to go, I can ship one to you, but I really hope you will decide to stay and knit for awhile. It's a fun project and features mosaic knitting which is a great way to introduce yourself to working with two colors. Even if you're a seasoned pro, mosaic knitting is fun to do and creates a wonderful textured fabric. The more the merrier, please bring a camp chair, I do have (6) chairs in the shop, but if more attend, you'll need a chair.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday, from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day, I'll see you soon!


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