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Hot, Hot, Hot....

Good Morning Everyone!

I don't need Norah O'Donnell to tell me that we're experiencing record breaking heat, a gentle reminder, it's still Spring. That said, I'll be keeping cool in my two new stylish tank tops, which gives me more incentive to pick up my Tegna and power through that lace work. I'm ready for a project that offers a bit of a challenge, lace work keeps my needles diligent and my mind more engaged. The Carden and Patti tanks were fun knits, the yarn did all the work while providing me with hours of mindless knitting while listening to Outlander on Hoopla. My knitting mind is always being inspired, did you see the "Admit" summer top by Berroco? I happen to have enough Pima 100 in pretty much the same shade of green to knit one for myself, I mean as a shop sample. I'm always amazed how quickly my list of projects gets shuffled around and which ones get pushed and moved to the top. I seem to be able to justify squeezing in one more project, anyone else have that problem?

It's not like I didn't just start a new project, the Donna cowl in Berroco's Dulce is sooooo soft. I managed to get all 180 stitches cast on and joined without twisting on the first try! I finished the 3 inches of ribbing last night while watching my Canadiens sweep the Jets during the Stanley Cup playoffs, GO HABS!!! I can't officially share the pattern details until later this month, but I can show you my progress and how cute this project is, it's just BUZZING....I just started the color work, you'll have to stop by to see. I do enjoy the diversity of projects my knitting provides, and sometimes I discover I need to go in another direction, again. I've been working on the Coastal Breeze top for a few weeks and I think I'm going to pull it out. I'm using Malabrigo Silky Merino in Queguay, it reminds me of a Monet painting. I originally started the Julie Twist with this yarn and decided I wasn't in the mood to knit the pattern, too much reading and a weird construction. I do really like the Coastal Breeze, but I should have done two things, rechecked my gauge and made a bigger size, UGH! I tried it on after completing the second armhole, I'm not crazy about it. I think I'm going to pull it out and knit the Zeen top afterall, stay tuned...A true testament to just how beautiful Malabrigo knits up, this yarn needs to be used.

We need to decide what the next KAL is going to be, any suggestions? I've had several tell me they'd like to continue with another summer sweater, this hot, humid weather certainly has me entertaining that thought. Or perhaps socks? Think about it and let me know. I think we've got a hot summer ahead of us, may as well look cool and stylish in a beautiful new top(s). I personally have become a big fan of them, they knit up quick and there aren't any sleeves! Think about it and let me know, it may feel like July, but it's only the beginning of June...

We will be meeting tomorrow evening for Stitch and Bitch 6-7:30 in my backyard, I hope you can join in the fun! Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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