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How's Your Perspective?

Good Morning Everyone!

Perspective is as interesting and unique as the individual who possesses it. That's pretty profound for so early in the day, damn I'm good (that's my perspective/opinion?). I'm feeling a little bit of angst simply because I realized I'm losing 4 days of holiday running around with my head cut off time. I'm not complaining, I will be taking a short trip to Columbus, OH with Addie to visit my Mother-In-Law, I'm truly looking forward to it. But, my decision to leave so close to the holidays has forced me to recalibrate and change my strategy a bit. I've been channeling my mother lately, THE QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION, and she wouldn't even begin to understand why on Earth I'm feeling even slightly pressed for time. Afterall, I'll have 3 days once I'm back to literally wrap things up. I swear my mother left all of the details to the last 3 hours and remarkably always got everything done. I think having this knowledge has helped me tremendously, it doesn't feel like I have much time, but from my mother's perspective, I have at least a year, lol...It's so easy to get consumed by the stress and schedule of the holidays. This year, I've tried to be more organized so that it doesn't feel so hurried and rushed. My Christmas lights were up in October, who does that?? I've completely embraced Andra's "Manageable Chunks" method of operation, it seems to be working. Afterall, there are 13 days until Christmas, I think I can get everything done.

If you didn't take advantage of attending this year's Tractor Parade, YOU MISSED OUT!! I have gone to almost every single one, my perspective has changed drastically since its inception. The first year I went was due to sheer curiousity AND I happened to literally have the best seat in the house, the front window from my old store. I simply could not understand what could possibly be so fascinating about watching a bunch of tractors drive down Main Street in FREEZING temperatures. OMG tractors wrapped in thousands of Christmas lights, that's what's so fascinating. What started out as a rather small venue has been drawing quite a crowd. I think it won't be too long before it's more popular than the Maple Festival parade. There were cars parked almost up to my house, the top of Bank Street, to see a tractor parade, in December. I think what makes this parade so special is, it's bright and joyful during a time of year where the days are long and dark. I felt like a little kid, full of excitement watching these enormous pieces of farm equipment drive by. Makes me wish I had a big tractor, they look like a lot of fun. I do have a John Deere riding lawn mower, maybe I'll put some lights on it and mow my lawn at night. That'll get the neighbors talking...I would have never guessed in a million years that I'd find my holiday spirit watching a tractor parade.

Speaking of holiday spirit, I have lots of goodies arriving almost daily at the shop! Yesterday, UPS dragged a big box of Malabrigo Yarn up the driveway, through the heavy snow, into the shop. I also have an order from Wonderland Yarns coming, more Queen Of Hearts fingering weight, 12 new colors!!! If you're not familiar, it's a luxurious blend of merino and cashmere with a touch of nylon to give it some memory, it is delightful!! I also have more Floops stitch markers on the way, I sold out of them almost instantly the last time I ordered them (I didn't even get any). Maybe Santa will put some in my stocking. I also have a box of needles and notions from Accessories Unlimited arriving. I have everything you need to finish up your holiday projects (even crochet hooks) and to get your next project started, so stop by!!

Just a reminder, I will be gone December 18th-21st, there is no Stitch and Bitch December 20th. The shop will be open Friday, December 22nd 10-5:00 and Saturday, December 23rd 10-4:00

We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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