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Is That You, Summer?

Good Morning Everyone!

WOW!! What a glorious weekend, wouldn't you say? The KAL gals met on Saturday, what fun it was. We cast on our Emotional Support Chickens, we are going to have a very colorful flock. I loved seeing what everyone had selected, each one will be as beautifully unique as it's knitter. We successfully substituted W&T with German short rows, I only got confused once or twice. After seeing Joyce, I decided that I did not want to crochet my two pieces together, I'm going to do a three needle bind off. I've left my stitches "live" on a Purl String, I see no reason why it won't work, I think I've thought this all the way through, stay tuned...

There is so much on my knitting calendar, the summer is going to fly by...This Sunday, June 2nd is Julie Asselin's, Needles in a Haystack event. It is a rain or shine event, looks like shine is going to prevail (YAY!) I am organizing the carpool and/or caravan if you are interested in going, we will be leaving from my house at 9:00, it's a 2 hour drive. You will need either a passport or enhanced driver's license (I'm sure you already know this, but you will be left at the border lol). Please let me know if you'd like to come, I believe Carrie and Carla have offered to drive, we have plenty of room. I was able to convince Andra to join in the fun, she gets to my house on Saturday!!! The following Saturday, June 8th, is WORLD WIDE KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY!!! We will be meeting from 9-11:00 in Taylor Park at the fountain, RAIN OR SHINE. If Mother Nature has the audacity to rain, we will seek refuge in the gazebo next to the fountain. Please note that the shop will be opening late on Saturday so I can knit in the park with everyone.

So, if you haven't seen my SPARKLY Love Note sweater on Social, I'll have it on display in the shop, IT IS SO PRETTY!!!! If you haven't knit the Love Note yet, you should, it's a quick project and is a wonderful introduction to lace work. It calls for DK weight yarn and uses US size 10 needles, it's finished in a blink. I have lots of options for you, Seaspun, Remix Light, Meraki, Gaia, Pima Soft, all of which you could pair with mohair and or Paillettes. That sweater took me less than 2 weeks to knit, AND you can use your Purl Strings to do the provisional cast on. Not sure what that is? I am happy to show you, total game changer...With my Love Note finished, I've been able to focus on my Mabel Cardigan by Isabell Kraemer, love it!! I'm hoping to have the body finished by the weekend, I'm using Julie Asselin's Fino, I'm excited to show her how pretty it is.

Carrie and I will be heading to the North Hero Library tonight for their Knit/Crochet night. We'll be leaving around 4:15 if you want to meet at my house and ride over. I'll be bringing my Emotional Support Chicken to work on, I've started the second half of the tail end and should be able to three needle bind off the pieces together. Nothing like having an audience as I walk through the fire, fingers crossed that it works lol. This group meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, it starts at 5:00, as you all know, the more the merrier!! And just like my group, they are very friendly and happy to meet new people, it's worth the drive, you can always stop at Devyn's for ice cream...Here's your gentle reminder that we will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday, 6-7:30, for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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