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Let's Do The Twist...

Good Morning Everyone!

For those of us who must have at least 3 ongoing projects at all times, I'm not talking about the UFO's, we understand the importance of having that one project that we consider mindless. You know the one where you can watch TV, stand on your head or pretty much sleep while doing it. That said, never underestimate the power of the mindless project and it's ability to bring you to your knees. So I was Zooming on Friday night with Wanda and Kathleen, mindless project in hand, knitting away on my beautiful Carden tank top. It all started out innocently enough, stockinette stitch on the back piece of the hem, knit a row, purl row repeat....wait, what's this, purled where I should of knit for part of the row, 4 rows down, ugh. Well we all know what crochet hooks are for, fixing knitting mistakes, right? Viola, I'm a magician with my magic crochet hook, had that fixed in almost no time at all. I finish off the last few rows and begin the task of joining the front piece to the back and knit in the round. The bottom has a split hem so they are worked separately then joined, following me? Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy, knitting in the round is fun and mindless, unless of course you twist the damn thing and then go right into denial for about 5 rows. All I can say is it takes special talent to somehow twist a piece that was knit flat, I am extremely special. Needless to say, after performing some minor surgery, I'm back on track and knitting away and absolutely loving how gorgeous Lang Yarn's Linello knits up, stay tuned....

This Saturday, April 17th, is Local Yarn Shop Day. Berroco is offering a fantastic ebook of 7 patterns, I've knit 2 of them, the Derecho and the Davitt, I love them both! I sure hope you will be able to stop by and take advantage of some great deals I will be offering. 20% off Berroco's Sesame, Aerial, Mochi, Tiramisu and Providence!! It's never too early to start thinking about your Fall knitting project, especially when the yarn is ON SALE!!! Plus I need to start thinking about making room for the NEW FALL/WINTER 2021-22, Andra is coming May 11th to show me all the latest goodies you'll want to have. Rumor has it Remix has a big sister, who knew? I'm so excited to see Andra, it's been a very long year, Zoom helps, but it's just not the same. Seeing her is always so inspirational and always a breath of fresh air and ideas, I CANNOT WAIT, 4 weeks from today, exactly, but who's counting?

I've heard from many of you concerning the next KAL, it's official, it's a Make Along, a summer top! We will be meeting April 24th from 9-11:00, I have it scheduled to be a Zoom meeting, but if the weather would like to cooperate, I'd love to meet in my backyard. We can make the decision at the last minute, so let me know if you're interested in participating. Several of you have already picked out your project and started, present company included! My Carden tank top is my KAL project, good thing I started early as I seem to be encountering some self-inflicted obstacles. I am so pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the color is, I picked my least favorite color lol. I told Andra in a recent email that you really shouldn't judge a yarn by it's ball. Often times it's definitely prettier once knit up, this rainbow colored thing that I really thought was garish, is stunning. I can't wait for you to see it completed. I'll post my progress on Instagram and Facebook, understanding that pictures rarely do it justice although it is rather photogenic.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening via Zoom for Stitch and Bitch from 6-7:30. We will resume meeting outside once it gets a little warmer and stays a lighter longer. I hope to rotate between the fountain in Taylor Park and my backyard, I do miss our "in person" gatherings. Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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Apr 13, 2021

and the pressure is'll be a fabulous visit, I'm sure of that!

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