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New Year, New Project!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. I'll take a moment now to say thank-you for the delicious treats and thoughtful gifts & cards that were bestowed upon me. I am most thankful that I'm finally able to get back to hiking at Hard'ack so I can burn off the extra calories. I've given my new Icebug hiking boots a test drive, they definitely are the studded snow tires of boots. The challenge still remains those stupid branches that somehow manage to trip me up and send me flying, that was yesterday's adventure. Nothing but my pride was hurt, those Christmas treats that are sitting on my butt helped break the fall, silverlining I suppose, no broken tailbone, bonus...wouldn't that just be my luck? Get the foot feeling better and then something else breaks, glad I ate the cookies and a bag of Chex Mix, saved me!!

So after my near death experience in the woods, I decided I'd had all the excitement I could handle for the entire day. Guess what I did yesterday? KNIT, I mean WORKED! I binge watched season 6 of Downton Abby and finished several inches of the body on my Field Sweater. I knew I wouldn't appreciate the sense of accomplishment without placing a progressive keeper at the beginning of my work day (I was thinking of you Carrie). I honestly feel like the whole damn thing should be finished, but I'm not Claudia or Andra afterall. I was feeling slightly guilty about my lack of involvement with the entire world, but Addie was extremely reassuring. She said, "It's not like you're not working Mom, you're so dedicated. Your shop is full of beautiful samples that inspire and help you sell yarn." Out of the mouth of babes, no arguement here. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the body today, then on to sleeve island.

We had a lovely group attend KAL this past Saturday, the last KAL of 2023!!! We decided to forego knitting the Spot Sweater as our next KAL. Instead, we will be knitting the Wisdom of the Moon Shawl by Liz Capik

As you know, there is going to be a spectacular celestial event here in St. Albans April 8th, 2024 the total solar eclipse. In keeping with this monumental event, we decided to commerate this rare occurence by knitting an appropriately themed garment. I do hope that this will encourage many of you to hop on board with us, KAL is a lot of fun. I already have the Main Color selected, I'm trying to decide what color(s) to make the moon, I know I will have some input, thankfully. The first meeting for this KAL will be Saturday, January 27th 9-11:00.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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