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No FOMO Here...

Good Morning Everyone!

Instead of getting away to Columbus this week, Addie and I had to reschedule our plans, STOMACH VIRUS, UGH!!! Clearly the decision was made for us, and despite the deep disappointment, we all agreed that a trip to DC in the Spring to visit Addie would be even better. We postponed the fun, but now we have something really exciting to look forward to. So all of my crazy running around last week has more than paid off. I'd mentioned last week about not feeling behind the 8 ball for once (Andra was convinced I'd jinxed myself) and now I have the gift of 4 more days!!! So what does any good Yarn Shop owner do? Cast on a new sweater!!

My Meissa sweater is ready for me to wear her, she's so pretty! I think it's the perfect holiday sweater with that lovely star adorning the front. I dare say it's my Hannukah sweater, it reminds me of the star of David, this will please my Mother In Law. It serves as a reminder of my attempts at drawing stars when I was a kid. I am a horrible artist, I can remember getting so frustrated trying to draw stars, don't get me started on lopsided hearts or horses. The most perfect star I'd ever accomplished was when I figured out how to overlay two triangles to create a star. So when I look at this sweater, it reminds me that even though I never learned how to draw, I am able to create a beautiful star knitting (nothing like being able to follow a chart lol).

I was having a terrible time deciding what my next sweater should be, I gave into FOMO and picked one of the hottest designs enveloping the knitting world, the Field Sweater. There is now the Field Cardigan, Beret, Mitts and Vest I simply had to be part of this madness. I experienced a similiar feeling when Amy Christoffer's Pressed Flowers design emerged, I just had to have it (I wore that cardigan last Saturday). I had the perfect yarn stashed, Green Mountain Spinnery's Alpaca Elegance in a lovely color called Darjeeling. I've morphed into a bit of a "Princess and the Pea" type. Although the yarn is 50% alpaca, it wasn't as soft as the previous 4 sweaters I've knit with Aerial. You guessed it, I added silk mohair after I'd swatched the yarn without, I'm much happier. I was whistling Dixie, the ribbing was finished, now I get to start making the "Grain" oh good times, I love texture!!! I will say, having just knit the Lotus Flower Beanie prepared me for the task of K3tog, thankfully it's easier with smaller yarn.

To make the "Grain", it does involve a series of 3 rows. The first row you knit into the same stitch and YO, then you end up slipping those 3 stitches on the next row, Greek, I know...but after you slip those 3 stitches, you K1 then K the YO TBL. The only stitch I have that is a YO is already on my right needle, 2 stitches back, WTF???? I immediately go to Ravelry and look for errata and research comments and find many requests to post a tutorial on how to make the "Grain". I understand completely how to make the "Grain" I have no idea where in the world this YO is, I have nothing. So after about 20 minutes of reading a lot of comments about this sweater, I decide to go back and look at my pattern again. UGH!!! I missed the following line that says K2, YO, K2 around, that changes things considerably, big mystery solved. Needless to say, I was on my way until I inadvertantly missed one of the stitches while doing a K3tog. I ended up having to frog back 3 rows, I couldn't fix my mess, it was getting worse. I did think about Paula while making the decision to either fudge it or fix it, I fixed it. It was much easier the second time around and looks much better, practice does build confidence.

Since I am still in town, the shop will be open it's regular hours Thursday and Friday 10-5:00 and Saturday 10-4:00. I thought about having Stitch and Bitch but figured many of you likely had other activities that were occupying your time this week. If I don't see you, HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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