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Oh What A Beautiful Morning....

Oh what a beautiful day, I got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way....Good Morning Everyone, isn't this just fan@#$%!tabulous? I said I'd knew I'd be able to wear my new Avena sweater at least once before it got warm which I did, LAST SATURDAY!!! Once was enough, although I am considering wearing it today as I lounge on the sofa, travel to Downton, and work on my Marsh sweater, I may even wear my new Dansko sandals that arrived yesterday. It is Vermont afterall, it could be 70 by noon, although I seriously doubt it...I can't believe how hard it is snowing right now. I was absolutely soaked when I got back from my hike with Bernie this morning, SOAKED!!! This is the perfect sugaring snow if only the buds weren't already on the trees, poor Mother Nature is manic again. On a more positive note, I feel like I have plenty of time to finish not only my Marsh top, but likely my Fleurine before it decides to be Spring. I suppose if push comes to shove, I can always wear my sweet Agate top I finished in January.

So, this past week has been one spent fixing my mistakes, I know MY MISTAKES (plural). I decided to take a break from my Marsh on Friday night to work on Addie's Sipila while I Zoomed with Wanda and Kathleen. Mindless colorwork that I could easily do while blabbing my head off and laughing for a few hours, the progress I could make. Unfortunately, I spent most of my time tinking 378 stitches, first one row, then another row. I still couldn't find my mistake, my frustration was beginning to take hold on my always cool as a cucumber temperament. It was gently suggested that I put it down and look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow, sage advice. I did find the mistake the next day, and decided that perhaps we should get out those handy, dandy stitch markers AGAIN.

I've never given much consideration to using stitch markers except to mark the beginning of my round, they're for rookies, right? It finally occured to me, if I had any hope of getting through either one of these projects without completely losing my shit, I'd better dig them out. Seriously, how many freaking times do I need to pull something apart before I just make it easier on myself? Apparently a lot, and lifelines are still for sissies...The tools are there for a reason, I literally have hundreds of stitch markers (most of them recycled from the shop floor, they're Barb's). Needless to say, they are helping me stay on track, I've been cruising along without incident, hmmmmm. Really makes me wonder why I always choose the path of most resistance. Confidence is one thing, stubborness is another, especially when you're dealing with lace work (not my strong suit) or 378 stitches of low contrast color work. I've learned a lesson, I always do with each project which is why I'll always love knitting, keeps me humble, although I do such beautiful work steps.

I received a notification from Cocoknits that they had their Maker's Boards BACK IN STOCK! I've been waiting for them since before Christmas, they are that popular and awesome!!! If you're not familiar with just how innovative their products are, let me enlighten you. All of their tools (Yarn snips, cable needles, fix it tools) are magnetic and designed to stick to these boards. GENIUS, right? If that wasn't enough, they also have these handy magnetized bracelets that you can use to keep track of your gadgets. I can't tell you the number of times I've lost my cable needle either in the sofa cushion or behind my ear. In a nutshell, these are perfect for not only holding your pattern, but keeping track of the gadgets you may need for your project. I'll let you know when they arrive, I can't wait to claim mine!!!

Many of you have already picked out your project for the next KAL, a summer sweater from Berroco, we'll be starting them this Saturday April 23rd 9-11:00. There's still time to join, I'd love to help you pick out your next project. We will be meeting Wednesday evening for Stitch and Bitch 6-7:30 I hope you can come. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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