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Perception Is Everything...

Good Morning Everyone!!

Here's hoping you survived "Springing" the clocks ahead, that first morning is always a bit rough. I stayed up way too late knitting, knowing in theory, I'd be losing an entire hour of sleep. Bernie got up at his usual break of day, but according to the clock it was an hour later. I don't feel like I got an extra hour of sleep lol, he didn't care, he was ready to go. It's so weird, just because the clock is now registering 5:30 a.m. I'm more agreeable to getting up, last week Bernie's "4:30" wake up call was not met with as much enthusiasm. Perception is everything....

I'm almost finished my Kate Pullover, literally a few more rows of ribbing and she'll be ready for her bath. I am so excited to slip into this sweater, it's by far the coziest and squishiest garments I've ever made. Not to say I'm over my mohair craze, NEVER!! But the construction and fibers of Talara make it very unique. The pattern called for worsted weight on sizes 6 & 8, the loft of this yarn jumped me up to sizes 8 & 10, granted I'm a tight knitter. I was really excited because I'd taken the time to knit a swatch of it when Andra sent me my sample skeins. I could literally cast on, my size 10 needles gave me gauge!!! I would have never believed it had I not seen it for myself. I doubt it will be dry by Wednesday night, but if it is, I'll be wearing it!!

As you all know, I'm a huge fan of Caitlin Hunter and Isabell Kraemer. Guess what finally got released?? Paula already knows the answer, Isabell Kraemer's Tresse!! I've been watching the development of this GORGEOUS sweater on Instagram, and it's finally available! She's offering it at 20% off, I'm going to have some lovely new yarns from Woolerton Estates Yarns that would be perfect for this sweater!! Checkout the pattern

I've already purchased it, I'm definitely knitting this sweater, not sure when, but definitely!!! I'll be picking up my Bolan sweater again, I need/want another new sweater for Spring/Summer. Plus the construction of it is so much fun. I love doing something different, keeps the mind sharp.

There's been some discussion about our next KAL, interestingly, we've skipped over the Summer KAL and started talking about Fall lol...ok I'm on board. There's been discussion about Andrea Mowry's Morning Rituals I LOVE THIS SWEATER!! I've already done a little research on the yarn which is a boucle, Brown Sheep has a lovely boucle but I'm not sure if the gauge is correct. I'll have to consult with my FAVORITE rep, Andra, to see what she may suggest. We have plenty of time to decide, but Carla and Paula have been talking about this sweater and it was suggested last Wednesday evening that perhaps we should do it together, I LOVE THIS IDEA!!

I have lots of fun new inventory!! New stitch stoppers, darning needle cases (these are AWESOME), yarn holders (thanks Rob & Carrie), stitch markers, everything you need! I have a big order coming from Cocoknits, they have some new gadgets that I think you'll love. I'm also working on the fun details for our Trunk Show April 6th, you'll definitely want to come by. Zoe is going to be dyeing limited edition/quantity of an Eclipse colorway for a fantastic project and I've been ordering fun little souvenirs for the event.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun! I am just beside myself with how many of you have been showing up, makes my heart FULL! I love looking around the room and seeing so many new friendships develop and hearing lively conversations. It's a nice reminder that my little shop does have purpose, and I'm just so thankful for each and every one of you. Make it a great day, ENJOY THE SUN, and I'll see you soon!


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