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Good Morning Everyone!

I trust by now, many of you have seen my entertaining video depicting the unraveling of my Marsh sweater. The memory of that sinking feeling is still fresh in my mind, when I realized, I was running out of stitches along the left side of my beautiful lace work quicker than on the right. As I stared at my work, my mind starting searching for the path of least resistance, the easiest fix. How can I get the pattern centered? How can I magically find those missing 7 stitches? More importantly, how the hell did I miscount SEVEN stitches? 92 isn't close to 99 in anyone's game, UGH!!! This only meant one thing, the entire thing has to come out, all 80 rows of knitting or 7,360 stitches.

I wasn't very far into the second skein of yarn so I started to rip it out and wind it neatly back into place. I don't enjoy winding yarn by hand, I know many of you do, but my state of mind wasn't at all conducive to sitting quietly and winding a ball of yarn. As a matter of fact, my level of frustration was pretty high, this was not a Zen moment for me, nor was it going to be cathartic. I was trying my best to not have a complete meltdown over the path that was presenting itself to me. Deep breaths... rainbows, unicorns, puppies, chocolate, that new sweater is going to be so pretty, don't lose your shit Katy, it's ok....So I stomped over to my shop, threaded the yarn into my winder and started to crank away. Then it dawned on me, my ladies would love to see this!! I also realized I should probably slow down to avoid winding the ball too tight. Having a phone in one hand recording a video, winding and talking certainly did just that. Just over a minute later, my mission was accomplished and I was plunked back on my sofa recasting on 99 stitches which I recounted at least 3 times. I will say this, the second time around is going much quicker than the first, I have the pattern sequence memorized, so there, practice does make perfect, still no life line, not that it would have helped...

If you'd like to join the next KAL, we'll be starting a new project Saturday, April 23rd 9-11:00. We decided to make Berroco summer tops, any pattern you want!! I honestly don't know how you can only choose 1, I'm up to 3, working on my second lol. Carrie just texted me that Berroco released another free pattern called Lonicera, it calls for Meraki. I received more Pima Soft and Meraki on Friday along with pattern booklets. I have loads of beautiful new summer yarns and can help you pick out your next project. I love knitting summer tops, they knit up so quickly, with either short sleeves or better yet, sleeveless!! Just think of the number of tops you could have all ready to wear by the time it actually gets warm here. Even when you have to completely rip out your work, there's still time to finish it before it gets warm, I promise!!

Local Yarn Shop day is Saturday, April 30th, Berroco has already let me know what they'll be offering. I'm hoping to sweeten the pot by getting a couple of special little extras from Berroco, I've ordered something super cute and fun for those that come by and shop. There will likely be some kind of promotion going that day, so mark your calendar and plan to come by.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun! Masks are optional for those that are vaccinated, please wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated and boosted for your own protection. I do have a few folding chairs available, but make sure you have one just in case. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful, sunny day here, so make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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1 Comment

Apr 05, 2022

So so sad to see the unraveling video, I certainly feel the angst, especially on such a beautiful lace pattern. I'm even more committed to knitting the same top. Once I see the pattern again, I will start to envision the color and yarn and estimate my purchase needs. What yarn did you choose again, was it the meraki?

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