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Safety In Numbers...

Good Morning Everyone!

We've officially started our next KAL, the Schieffelin by Martha Wissing! Our group was small but productive. There were more on vacation in Maine than in my backyard, but I was reassured that those who weren't present would in fact be knitting along in spirit. Thankfully Sandy's first Schieffelin is here at the shop, it has been helpful to use as a guideline for sizing. There was much discussion about determining the correct size and how the ease figures into the equation. This always stumps me too, especially when the pattern gives finished measurements along with recommended ease. Of course I can make things much worse by overthinking the situation which usually leads to more confusion. I didn't exactly have a confident answer on Saturday, but at least Sandy's sweater was here as a template. I have given it some addtional thought and now it's clear as mud. Positive ease determines how much additional room you want in your sweater, and is based off of your bust size (not band size). If you measure 38"(the fullest part of your chest) then making the 40" would give you 2" of positive ease. If you want it to be roomier, with 4" of positive ease then make the 42". So when the pattern indicates positive ease, the garment is meant to be worn a bit larger. Don't get me started on negative ease lol....

I finished my Admit tee but not in time to wear for KAL, the ends still need to be woven in and blocking definitely needs to happen. I did go a little rogue and had to improvise a tad to complete the front. I'm not overly thrilled with the neckline, it's kind of high, which likely has to do with being a bit off on my row gauge. I did the neck decreases correctly but when they were completed, the front was already the same length as the back. I didn't think much about it until I tried it on and it didn't have much scoop to it. I looked at the picture and the schematic to assess my situation, oh boy now I see it. My neck opening wasn't as long as pictured, not even close. I don't hate the way it fits or looks, it just sits up higher on my neck than I'm used to. I'm going to block it today and see how it goes, worse case, I'll pull it apart and try it again. At the very least, I did enjoy knitting it, the eyelet pattern is quite pretty and something I'd never done before.

My Katrinkles order was delivered on Friday, I can't wait for you to see what has arrived! Carrie is coming by today to film a new video highlighting all of the goodies in that box. I have also placed another Malabrigo order, more Rios, Silky Merino, Rasta and new pattern books are heading our way! So much beautiful yarn, I simply can't knit fast enough, produces a tad of anxiety which can only be cured by knitting of course. What a vicious little cycle, but a ride I certainly enjoy. The fact that I have yarn for 4 new sweaters, sitting in my shop, patiently waiting in queue to get wound, thankfully excites me more than overwhelms me, oh the life of a die hard knitter.

We will be meeting Wednesday evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch at the shop, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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