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Silver Lining...

Good Morning Everyone!

There's just something about Spring time in Vermont that I believe is more of a test of patience than a rite of passage. The sheer fickleness of March is enough to drive you absolutely crazy with the Bluebird skies one moment and near white out conditions the next. The gift of a sunny, 55 degree day lulls us into believing that winter is over, add insult to injury when the sap buckets start to appear. Yesterday, Bernie and I were enjoying a lovely 42 degree morning hike through the woods complete with lots of mud and unfortunately ice. Today, it's 25 degrees, the wind is gusting, it's snowing and my shoulders have somehow found their way up around my ears again. I will say this, the mud and ice were mostly gone, BONUS!! You can't help but feel duped at times and I find myself practicing crazy superstitious rituals, like never putting my winter boots away, in order to ensure the snow will go away quicker. If I put those damn boots away, I know we'll get 3 feet of snow, if they're by the door, I won't need them. Yes, this is what I've been reduced works for me and gives me a false sense of control.

So I'm knitting away on my Avena sweater and decide to give my hands a break and scroll through Instagram to see all of the pretty projects and yarns that everyone is working with. I come across a post from Espace Tricot and she's clearly defending herself about a reel she'd posted. She blocks WOOL with HOT water!!! WTF??? Further saying, "Yes, you read that right! Hot water, almost too hot to touch comfortably, like a hot bath. It really helps the fibers soften and bloom: you need lots of motion to felt." She goes on to say that even in cold water, garments can felt with agitation (just ask my beautiful Il Favorito Grande knit in alpaca). But the crowning moment comes when her final sentence reads, "I find this technique makes all the difference with softening rustic fibers." Hallelujah there just may be hope for my beautiful Avena sweater. I doubt that sweater will ever be worn directly on my skin, but the thought of it developing a softer hand gives me hope that I'll be able to wear it without itching to death, silver lining.

Carrie and I completely rearranged the store and found room for all of my Spring and Summer Berroco yarns! I've already reordered more pattern books, I should have known that they would be popular, the designs are just beautiful! I am feeling really excited to start the Intarsia work on my Fleurine, I guess 93 pounds of cotton, linen and hemp does wonders for the soul and instills a high level of creative inspiration. My mind set and needles are up for the challenge, I have my bobbins, let the swearing begin. With the temperature being what it is, I have plenty of time to knit a Spring sweater, it's not going to be warm enough to wear for at least another month (likely two). Please make me eat my words Mother Nature...

I have decided to make masks optional at the shop, I will gladly wear one if you would like me to. We discussed the topic last Wednesday at Stitch and Bitch and everyone decided they were comfortable not wearing masks. I will continue to follow the recommendations of the State and CDC, but with the high level of vaccinations among my customers, I feel it's safe to go maskless. That said, if you are not vaccinated, please wear a mask for your own safety. I would also like to remind you to please bring your own shopping bag(s), it's better for the environment. Lastly, we will be gathering tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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