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Spring Ahead to Spring...

Good Morning Everyone!

I trust you're all adapting to and enjoying the sun going down a little bit later. I'm not a fan of tampering with the clocks, completely throws me off and for the most part, I see virtually no point in doing so. Who really wants to lose that precious hour of sleep? Bernie is his name...damn dog. I was so excited on Sunday morning when I found myself still in bed at almost 6:00 a.m. My first thought was, I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!!! Bernie thinks it's 5:00 and it's really 6:00, it truly is the little things. Guess what? He knows how to tell time, both yesterday and today, he's ready to go at 5:00 which in my unadjusted time zone is registering 4:00. This also means that it isn't light out quite as early right now, does that matter to him? Nope! I'm not a fan of walking around in the woods in the dark, but at least the birds are chirping and I saw a beautiful owl, not a horrible way to start the day. Not to mention the sheer joy of watching him bound through the woods, barking away at the squirrels that swing high up in the trees. He is so funny and just loves to be outside exploring the woods and running wild. Not that I couldn't find equal joy an hour later, but the early bird gets the worm and we have the entire place to ourselves. I am looking forward to the day that it's light at 5:00 and I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt and not 3 layers of gear, patience....

I'm guessing that we have at least one more good snow storm to get through before the daffodils dare to poke their heads up through the ground, got to love poor man's fertilizer. We certainly didn't get what was predicted on Saturday, but the weatherman accomplished instilling the fear of god that you would surely die if you went outside and most opted to stay home (thank-you Lisa for stopping by, it was a lovely visit). I got to do the next best thing, sit in my shop and knit, it's almost like being at home lol. I'm just about finished with the most adorable baby sweater, it's a new design by Asa Buchta of Berroco called Kirby. Carrie had pointed out that I didn't have a shop sample knit with Pima Soft, so I decided I'd better do something about that. I will have a much more impressive garment (check out Marsh on Berroco) knit up just as soon as my Fleurine is completed (nope, haven't started the front yet). What better way to procrastiknit than to make a baby sweater and this one knits up quickly all in one piece. I'm hoping to have it finished today, I'm a sleeve away.

I'm still cruising along on my Avena, it's miles of knitting in the round which I did last Wednesday evening at Stitch and Bitch and while watching a few hockey games, GO AVALANCHE!! My two teams couldn't be on more opposite ends of the spectrum if they tried. The number one Colorado Avalanche have just been crushing it all season, then there are my Canadiens, in dead last with just 16 wins the entire season. I'm anxious to finish up my Avena so I can try blocking it in HOT water and magically turning it to cashmere...stay tuned for that.

Carrie and I managed to unbox and put away all 93lbs of yarn last Thursday. The shop looks so pretty and bright with the vibrant colors of Spring and Summer popping out all over the place. I hope to have 2 more shop samples here soon, there's an adorable cardigan knit with Vivo called Sapphire and a shawl knit with Isola called Keshi, they are sure to inspire!! Because I don't surround myself with enough inspriation, I ordered and received Norah Gaughan's latest book called Knit Fold Pleat Repeat, she's truly a genius. What I take away from her books is an understanding of sweater construction and design, Wanda and I were discussing this yesterday. I'll have the book at the shop if you want to peek through it, my list just keeps getting longer and longer. I also received the greatest thing called The Gleener, life changer...This little gadget magically removes the pills from your sweaters, restoring them to like new condition. I'll stand on my soapbox now and scream to the world, EVERYTHING PILLS!!! Pilling is not a result of cheap or lesser quality yarn, if you've ever owned a cashmere sweater than you know that cashmere pills when you look at it, ok, done...

We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Masks are no longer mandatory unless you are unvaccinated. I will always put a mask on for any of my customers who would feel more comfortable, absolutely NO JUDGEMENT, happy to do so. Please bring your own shopping bag to the shop, it's better for the enviroment. Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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