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Springtime in the 802...

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Spring! Break out those shorts, put away the wool and bask in the sun, NOT! I find this time of the year, Mother Nature is most fickle. As our trusty weather man Gary put it this morning, "It's an every other day kind of weather" no further explanation needed. You want to get excited about warmer days ahead, the sun is out longer, the birds are chirping, the skunks are back, but no one dares to put their boots away until after Maple Festival. If you're looking to make the transition to spring and summer, I've got just what you need, shocked??? More yarn from Berroco is on the way and it's just what you need to jumpstart your spring, seriously! The ground isn't going to thaw for a bit, it's too cold to work in the garden, may as well knit up a couple new tops, who's with me?

I'm absolutely dying to see the newest colors of Isola knit up, I think I need another Carden tank top. Of course I can barely entertain the thought of casting on a new project until my Pressed Flowers cardigan is finished, which should be today. I only have the buttonband and buttonhole ribbing to do, can you believe it? I got all excited thinking I could perhaps wind up the yarn for my Manarola sweater then I remembered, DUH, Drawing Sweater, hello, I'm still waiting for you. I suppose there's no harm in getting the next project in queue. I still need to figure out what my new summer sweater is going to be. I do know this, it can't be red. I've already started to pull my summer sweaters out of hibernation. A couple of them went to Florida with me, they had a great time, wished they could have stayed a little longer. I'll take a good look at the colors I have and go from there. I'm thinking purple, I have nothing purple...

I blocked my Vilamoura top knit in Gaia from Berroco, it is stunning!! It's one of those pieces that doesn't do much in the picture, but in person, it's simply to die for. I seem to fall victim to this a lot, which is why I try so hard to have as many samples knit as possible. Aside from the obvious, we like to see how the yarn knits up, it also just brings the yarn to life. Gaia doesn't disappoint, I love the feel, the drape, the stitch definition is amazing, the colors remind me of beach glass and the pattern support is stunning. If you haven't seen the new inventory yet, stop by. Additionally, in an effort to make room for all of this yarn, in stock Renew, Vento and Wizard are all ON SALE, 25% OFF! I will have the rest of the Spring and Summer yarns in this week, Spree is on it's way here!!! Peggy knit up the Culet top using this lovely yarn, it is so cute and thankfully fits me perfectly.

We've got KAL this Saturday, March 25th from 9-11:00. I'm excited to see everyone's progress on their Drawing Sweaters, I certainly need to do some work on mine. With any luck, I'll be wearing my Pressed Flowers Cardigan, as of today, it looks like the perfect weather for it. We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday, for Stitch and Bitch from 6-7:30, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day, I hope to see you soon!


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