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Stick Season...

Good Morning Everyone!

Things are coming down to the wire. Guess what I read yesterday? Six more Mondays until Christmas, go ahead, check your calendar. It has been rather easy to be in denial with this recent stretch of 70 degree, sunny, GORGEOUS weather, which you all have me to thank. I took it upon myself to string up my outdoor Christmas lights during what I believed to be the last warm spell of Fall, weeks ago. Mother Nature fooled me and decided to gift us this glorious little burst of warmth and sunshine, wish I could bottle it up and save it for January. That said, I have been busy getting the shop stocked with FANTASTIC kits, more gadgets, and of course YARN!! I'm expecting shipments from Berroco and Malabrigo this week. I have received Chiaogoo IC sets in both sizes of the Shorties Twist and the 4" Lace steel tips, just let Santa or Hannukah Harry know where to get them. Today, November 8th, is the last day to preorder your Advent Calendar boxes, they are SO AWESOME!!! I went and purchased all of the goodies to start putting them together, I even want one!!! They are generously filled with terrific little presents that are sure to delight and excite, the challenge will be only opening one per day. The best part is, I found the best reusable shopping bags to put everything into which means, you now have a shopping bag to bring with you to the shop, I'm always thinking!!!

In case you missed my Social Media posts, Governor Scott sent the most appreciative letter thanking the KAL gals for his COVID-19 afghan. I need to purchase a frame, it's definitely a keeper and means a lot to me. It serves as a reminder how important it is that we work together, regardless of our political views, to create a sense of community and unity. My father has accused me for years that I lean the wrong way, he is of the mind set, "my way or the highway," I have gently reminded him that I rarely vote party, I vote for the person. That said, please don't forget to get out and vote today, your voice does matter. That beautiful afghan would have never been created had it not been for each and everyone one of you, YOU MATTER!!

I have been working exclusively on my KAL sweater, it is turning out to be so beautiful!! It's easy to procrastinate and forget about the unfinished project looming over my head that I've been asked to finish. I had some input from Christine on Saturday and I think I'll have Andra take a peek at it on Monday when she is here. Did I mention?? Andra will be here November 14th to show me Spring/Summer 2023 OMG!!! I've heard a little bit about it via our Zoom meetings, but I'll be able to see and feel it, so exciting. For the first time ever, I'm not getting that pit in my stomach caused by the fact I will have more projects to knit for shop samples. First world problem I know, but I have so many projects waiting patiently for me. Peggy did mention that she would be interested in knitting shop samples, I am going to take her up on the offer. Carrie has always been extremely generous with her time too. I think between the 3 of us, you'll be able to see the new yarns knit up into some lovely garments. But first, let's just get through the holidays....46 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!

We will be meeting tomorrow, Wednesday evening, from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun! Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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