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Strawberries & Fireworks...

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, I ordered the weather, you're welcome. With the 4th in our rear view window, it seems like the summer is going to accelerate into Fall. I've already finished one new sweater for Fall, my Valeria, crazy I know. My Leticia is really is giving me a run for my money, which is super frustrating considering it's a stupidly easy repeat, K9, YO, CDD, YO. We all know how evil one little stitch can be and I keep getting screwed up by,you guessed it, one stitch! I'll be cruising along and realize that my center decrease is somehow off, AGAIN! I've become a real expert in tinking CDD, proficient, really...The good news is, Vento has a bit of a halo to it and doesn't look any worse for wear after being subjected to multiple attempts of knitting and tinking, I do love a silver lining. You'll be shocked to know that I still haven't succumbed to a life line. My stubborn streak keeps insisting that there's no possible way I will screw it up again, the mistake is so obvious to see, especially 4 rows past LOL. Nope, I'll never learn, but the way I see it, it just makes me that much better at fixing everyone else's mistakes, been there done that let me help you...

Carrie and I managed to completely rearrange the shop and accomodate all 180lbs of yarn that arrived, FYI, it's only the first of about (3) shipments. There are new colors of Lanas Quick, BRAND NEW Lanas Light has a gorgeous color palette with beautiful pattern support, and Ultra Alpaca is back! Andra also sent me a lovely little package of Kirby sweaters knit up in a variety of yarns, I have them all in stock!! THEY ARE SO CUTE!! She also graciously loaned me her Agate tank top knit in Medina. Did I mention it's in my FAVORITE color of Medina? She may not get it back LOL If that isn't enough reason to stop by, you'll have plenty of reason to, the Great Northern Yarn Haul starts this Friday, July 8th and runs until July 31st. There are a limited number of logo bags available and are FREE with a $20 or more purchase or available for $10. I will have passports ready for stamping along with some fun little goodie bags as a thank-you for participating.

I've also ordered more Maker's Boards by Cocoknits, they are that popular and THAT AWESOME!! I think the most gratifying feeling comes from those (like me) who really didn't think they were that big of a deal. Mine survived a near death experience when Bernie decided to fly off the porch with his leash wrapped around the back of my chair. He ended up making my chair (with me in it) slam into the wicker table and end table. Both tables landed 4 feet below in the shrubs while my chair literally had 3 of the 4 legs on the porch. My Maker's Board sailed through the air onto the ground, BUT, everything stayed intact. I knew which row I was on and all of my little gadgets remained in place. I wish I had a video, I'd be a millionaire, or at least a highly paid spokeswoman for Cocoknits. I also have a terrific selection of Purl Strings, these I knew would be a game changer and they are. You can easily slide your live stitches onto them to try on your in progress sweater. I'm using them on Addie's Sipila to hold the sleeves, she was able to slip the sweater on without losing any stitches. Stop by to see the wonderful gadgets I have to make your projects go that much smoother. I find I need all the help I can get....

We will be meeting Wednesday evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun! Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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