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Swatching 101...

Good Morning Everyone!

It's finally feeling like sweater weather, phew...I was really beginning to get concerned when the temperature decided to hold firm in the 90's for what felt like a month, ok, four days (longest 4 days of my life). Of course the timing couldn't have been worse, my Trunk Show was scheduled right smack in the middle of Mother Nature's hot flash. Luckily, that didn't deter you from not only showing up, but trying on sweaters, namely Big Love. Andra brought several of her Big Love cardigans which helped demonstrate the importance of gauge. She knit the same size but with different yarns and needle sizes which affects the end result. We all have this information tucked away in our brains, sometimes it gets lost or conveniently forgotten only to come back and bite us in the butt. If Andra said it once, she said it a gazillion times, swatch, wash, block and measure (just ask Sandy if you missed it). So, if you didn't already know, the KAL starts Saturday, September 23rd from 9-11:00. It would be helpful if you've completed your homework aka Swatched, I will be ready to assist those who need me to start the cast on process.

I know many of you have seen my Big Love progress, it's coming along quite nicely. My intent was to do a little trailblazing to avoid leading you straight down the path to hell (I'm really good at that). I can say with complete confidence, my skill set is up to date (thanks to Andra) and I've successfully made it through the knitting gymnastics. I've joined the fronts to the back and will set her aside until we officially begin the KAL. In the meantime, I've rescued some beautiful yarn from my stash and have started another Jenn Steingass creation, Goldenfern. I cannot wait for you to see how beautiful the color and texture are, I'm in love, again....I decided to strand Berroco's Aerial mohair with Cloverworks Farm's Bobolink Scuttleship Romney. The mohair has magically transformed the rustic feel of the wool into a soft fluffy sweater. I did this as an experiment, you're welcome! All of the other sweaters I've knit with mohair have been paired with Superwash merino, which is already very soft and squishy. I wanted to see for myself what happens with a yarn that is scratchy, the difference is really quite amazing . Wait until you see just how much I've been able to accomplish since casting it on Sunday evening. It's worth mentioning that I had several hours to kill in Montpelier yesterday at the DMV, I was prepared. My 10:55 appointment was a joke, my number got called at 1:05, good thing my knitting kept me entertained and in my little zone, I even forgot I was hungry.

I'm scheduled for another BIG shipment from Berroco this week, more Aerial, Ultra Alpaca, Vento, West Yorkshire Spinners CHRISTMAS SOCK YARN (103 days until Christmas), and Croft Shetland Tweed my Malabrigo order has to be coming soon as well as the Atenti bag order. So much new inventory, Carrie and I have our work cut out for us. I just love this time of the year, the shop is brimming with beautiful yarns, the temperature starts to fall, the leaves begin changing and it gets dark at 4:00 lol. We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday, from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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