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Ten More Days!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

The joys of the holiday season are upon us, anyone feeling panicked? I am always amazed how this time of the year creates such a sense of frenzy. The hustle and bustle to get everything crossed off the "to do" list is the reason why I don't write one down anymore, too stressful. I have taken a new approach and decided that accomplishing things in manageable chunks is a better method of operation for me. I still haven't completely rid myself of the need to procrastinate, but I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time I'm not feeling freaked out by the process of Christmas. Much of my feeling of relief is attributed to the fact that my shop has gone from 2,500 square feet to 300 square feet, the epitome of manageable chunk. I no longer feel pulled in a 100 directions trying to take care of too much space. I love my new location and have enjoyed bringing in new inventory and giving my business the attention it really deserves.

Speaking of new inventory, boy have I got some great new things!! I received my order from Katrinkles, wait until you see the stitch markers and needle gaugers with my logo! They are super cute and would make a great gift. I also have "washable" suede tags you may stitch onto your handmade items available in a variety of colors and sizes. I was also able to get back in stock those adorable Clam Shell cases containing stitch markers along with new iridescent scissors shaped like butterflies. I have all kinds of great little gadgets to make your gift giving super easy, or if that special someone in your life needs some ideas, send them to me! Remember, if all else fails, gift certificates are always available.

Carrie and I have been busy putting together new hat kits, my original ones sold out rather quickly! We packaged up 4 different colors including Pom Poms using Major, you can see the selection on my website. The pattern is called Squarshy Hat and is available for FREE on Ravelry, I've knit this hat, it's super cute and quick. The other kit features Coco, a super bulky merino topped with a Pom Pom. I have copies of the pattern available at the shop, it's called the Falmouth Super Bulky Hat. Lastly, I did put together 4 different colors of Bobolink Yarn and Aerial for the Leni Hat which I absolutley LOVE! I enjoyed knitting this project for a variety of reason, mostly to feel the soft mohair running through my fingers. The hat features a hemmed brim which is fun to do and has a little stitch pattern that adds decorative interest. I will be posting the Leni kits on my website later today.

Carrie finished the Shift cowl for the shop, it's GORGEOUS!! If you're looking for a fun project and love to watch color changes, I highly recommend making this with the Millefiori. I've also seen it knit up in Sesame and solids, pretty much any combination is stunning. I did get in 3 new colors of Aerial mohair, Tea Rose, Basil and Ivory. Berroco created a beautiful scarf called Arbella that uses 2 colors of Aerial with a cream background. You could easily substitute the Arno yarn with Ultra Wool worsted or Vintage, the results won't disappoint. Carrie is knitting a cardigan with Vintage and Aerial, it feels like cashmere, seriously...I can't stress enough just how luxurious it is to knit with Aerial, I have several samples knit up and available for you to touch, you won't be disappointed.

I haven't been working much on my knitting at all, UGH!!! My Westland sweater is waiting patiently for me, I'm left with just the sleeves. I'd thought maybe I'd wear it for Thanksgiving, nope, not even sure by Christmas, I do think it will be finished before New Years. I love the color combination and the subtle contrast of the yoke design. I'm almost finished with the Happy Harvest cowl for Addie, I think I have one more chart repeat to do. I decided to cast on an 1898 Hat as a last minute gift, it's presented a few challenges LOL. The first row of the directions completely threw me for a loop, I really need to wear my glasses for reading. Long story short, what I thought said Sl 1, K1, pm, sl3 wyif, pm, k12 (which doesn't work when you have 27 stitches) was actually Sl1, K11, pm, sl3 blah blah blah...thank God for Carrie. I knew she'd knit the hat, which indicated it was me with the problem, so frustrating when I can't read simple directions. Seriously, stared at the directions for at least a half hour and still couldn't figure it out, welcome to my world folks...

I will be posting a few more videos this coming week on Instagram and Facebook, please share them! I have also been busy updating my website with all the latest yarns and kits. I've yet to add in my needles and gadgets, so please contact me or stop by! The shop will be open regular hours this week, Thursday & Friday 10-5, and Saturday 10-4. The following week: Monday December 21-Thursday December 24 10-5:00 for your shopping convenience. I will be closed from Friday December 25-Friday January 1, reopening Saturday January 2, 2021.

Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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