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The Calm Before The Storm...

Good Morning Everyone!

If the sunrise was any indicator of the storm that is brewing and heading our way, batten down the hatches and grab your knitting. As much as I love the solitude of my morning hikes with Bernie, I was grumbling a bit to myself about the level of stupid dedication I have to my dog. Seriously, rain, sleet, snow, pitch black, it doesn't matter, we're out in it getting our day started and I know, I ALWAYS feel better when all is said and done, coffee helps too. But this morning, was simply glorious, I haven't seen the sky that color in a really long time, my pictures don't do it justice. I'd even knit a sweater that color of fuschia, wait a minute, as a matter of fact I do have linen I purchased at Espace Tricot to knit a Bolan sweater , my day just keeps getting better.

What's even better, I'm in a great position to think about my next sweater, I'm on the second sleeve of my GORGEOUS Field Sweater, it's a beauty. And guess what? I can also entertain casting on our next KAL, Wisdom of the Moon Shawl We decided to knit this project to commemorate the Solar Eclipse that that will be front and center over St. Albans on April 8th. If you haven't already heard about this, IT'S A BIG DEAL!!! I mentioned our idea last Friday during a Zoom meeting with Andra and several LYS around New England. Jen Carlo, from Yarn, reached out and wanted to know if she could hop on the wagon with us. She also happens to be the president of the VT Knitters Guild and was going to mention it to them as well. I would love to create a huge knitting/crochet frenzy and have as many of you as possible join in the fun. There are several different sun/moon phase garments on Ravelry. I think Jen's shop is going to promote a hat, I've seen sweaters, I'm sure there is something for everyone. So let's blow up Social media with tons of ### and put St. Albans on the map. The KAL is going to officially start Saturday, January 27th 9-11:00, I hope the shop is packed!!

Just a friendly reminder, I will be out of town next week, January 14-19. There will be no newsletter or Stitch and Bitch, I will reopen on Saturday, January 20th. Addie and I are driving down to Washington DC, Addie has an internship for the Spring Semester. The fun doesn't stop there, guess who's coming along???? WANDA!!!!!! I'm so excited, she already has our yarn shop itinerary planned, she's like that. Fiber Space on Monday, Looped Yarn Works Tuesday and Magpie Fibers on Wednesday or possibly Thursday. I will have much to report and likely a pile of yarn to show you. Fingers crossed that we will dodge the stupid snow storm, I hate white knuckle driving, mix in the crazy NY/NJ drivers, ugh....Luckily we won't be in any huge hurry on Sunday and can take our time.

I have some adorable new project bags, interchangeable needle cases, project notebooks and stitch marker tins coming from a new vendor called Emma Ball. They are so stinking cute, I just couldn't resist the charming Alpaca and Sheep themed designs, I can't wait for you to see everything! We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday, 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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1 Comment

Mary McCarthy
Mary McCarthy
Jan 09

i hope my super bulky comes in before you go 😂😂😂😂

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