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The Countdown is On!

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This year probably breaks records in most homes for having the largest amounts of leftovers, mine included. Seriously, a 15lb beautiful Vermont raised turkey for the three of us, that's 5lbs each! I will say this, it was the best meal I've prepared, right down to the lumpless gravy. We even decided to forego decorating the dining room and ate in the kitchen, the heart of my home. Admitedly, there was a bit of an agenda involved. Proximity to the door takes priority when there is an 8 week old puppy that is part of the family. Dogs always rule the roost in my world, and this little guy is no exception. Whatever Bernie needs, you simply can't love them too much, or ignore their unknowing need to go out. We ate in the kitchen, using my great Grandmother's Wedgewood China and my Mother's sterling silverware, a little bit of tradition preserved.

So with Thanksgiving behind me, I can finally wrap my head around the fact that Christmas is coming like a freight train, 24 DAYS!!!! I feel like most of the year has stood still in a time warp as we try to navigate our way through, grasping for a sense of normalcy. But I draw the line at putting Christmas decorations up the day after Halloween, there I said it. I understand the temptation of taking advantage of the warm Fall days, but do you really have to turn them on? I've been in a bit of a panic thinking that Christmas was a lot closer than it actually was. My sense of time and what the hell month it is, has been thrown out the window since March, so it really doesn't take much to confuse me. But the calendar doesn't lie, it's December 1, time to get serious.

That said, I have been preparing the shop for all of your gift giving and holiday needs. No doubt some of these things could have been thought of a bit earlier, but it wouldn't be me if I didn't fly by the seat of my pants. Even when I try to be proactive and order the Christmas sock yarn in August, I have no control that it doesn't arrive until NOW. I am still waiting for the West Yorkshire Spinners Holly Berry and Candy Cane to arrive, but I did receive the Fairy Lights on Saturday. So if you're looking for a lovely colorway that isn't the traditional red and green, this fits the bill. I also have Silent Night available, it has shades of blue with a hint of sparkle. My Katrinkles order is in the works, I posted a picture of the labels, and my logo stitch markers and needle gaugers, I will let you know when it arrives.

A little update on the COVID memorial blanket, it's in the process of having the finishing touches put on. Carrie was at the shop with me on Saturday and asked if we should add another row since sadly our number of deaths has gone up. It wouldn't be difficult to do, so if you are willing, we need only 6 more squares, preferrably in green, gold or beige. That will bring the count up to 70 squares, I have 4 already finished. We still have plenty of time to complete the afghan, the legislature isn't meeting again until January. So if squares are knit after Christmas that's ok, I just need to know if any of you would be willing to knit another square.

Speaking of Carrie, I've just shared on my Facebook page a GOFUNDME post for her husband Rob. She shared with me that Rob had been taken by ambulance to Mass General for liver failure, she was absolutely beside herself. Yet, true to Carrie's nature, she was able to not only help me with my customers on Small Business Saturday, she had a smile on her face. Her spirit is amazing, and no doubt my shop provided the perfect distraction as she awaited news from the hospital. Her unwillingness to sit and feel sorry for herself pulled heavy on my heart as I could see in her eyes how much pain she was feeling. I could also see the joy on her face when customer after customer kept asking where the yarn was for that Man Hat I featured in my latest video. That was all Carrie's idea, she has been the one behind the Waffle Hat kits, she's suggested the patterns for yarns that need to move, and has completely remerchandised my shop. She's knit tons of shop samples and is currently knitting the most beautiful Night Shift cowl using 3 colors of Millefiori. Her support and friendship has meant a lot to me through the years and she gives selflessly. I've never met a kinder person who does so much for others and expects nothing, she's just happy to do it. So please keep Carrie and Rob in your thoughts, if you can donate, please do, a little kindness goes a long way...

I've finished my Leni Hat, it's still rolled up in a towel, I just need to lay it out to dry. I love this hat, it's so soft!! My Westland sweater is coming along nicely too, I'm doing mindless rounds of knitting on the body, ugh so boring. I've given myself permission to finally wind the yarn I bought during the Great Northern Yarn Haul to start my Birkin sweater!! I've also decided that I need to start making my thrum mittens using the roving I bought over a year ago at Vermont Sheep & Wool. So many projects, and I just started to place my Spring/Summer 2021 order with Andra yesterday. I have some homework to finish up today before I'm ready to pull the trigger, but just you wait and see what's coming our way. Isn't it great to have something exciting to look forward to?

I am still following the Governor's mandate, we will not be gathering for Stitch and Bitch on Wednesday evenings until further notice. This does bum me out tremendously, but we all need to do our part to flatten the curve and keep our state clean. Make it a great day, and I hope to see you soon!


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