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The Fifth Season, SOUP!!

Good Morning Everyone!

There are so many things I love about Fall which is why it's my absolute favorite season. Cooler temperatures brings out my lovely collection of sweaters, beautiful foliage and homemade soup! The colder it gets, the thicker the sweaters and the heartier the soups, which of course is the perfect sedgway into WINTER, YAY!!! But first things first, I'll try not to get carried away by thinking too far ahead, the harvest is barely in for crying out loud. I went out to Hudak's over the weekend and picked up more Delicata Squash, my favorite, along with a bag of Macintosh apples and a couple Butternuts for soup. Guess what I did yesterday? SOUP DAY!! I've been on a roll with the soup making for a few weeks, I simply cannot eat anymore salads for lunch. Don't get me wrong, I love salad but with this change in the season, I crave homemade soup and I make damn good ones, so I've been told. I have my lunch made for the week and will pair it with the cheddar zucchini bread I whipped up. Sounds delicious, I know....

I've heard from a few of you regarding my Steeked sweater video, I am a brave woman!! Honestly, I wouldn't have been quite so nervous had it been my own sweater, but it was Penne's. I wanted it on record that I did everything possible not to screw it up, I stayed between the lines and did what I was supposed to. Once I put those scissors in my hands, my anxiety was extremely high, I felt like the Mohel at a Bris, one slip up...thankfully, all went according to plan and the little sweater survived and is awaiting the ribbing. Do not worry, I'm not planning on changing my religion or occupation. I will say this, steeking isn't that big of a deal, which really can't be compared to a Bris. It's worth mentioning that I've been rewatching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and there was an episode, yaddy, yaddy, yada, I couldn't help but make the comparison, that's how careful I was with Penne's sweater. So Mazel Tov to the rest of you when you steek your sweater, I'm an expert now and will hold or hand (or scissors) when you're ready.

So when I'm not making soup or slashing sweaters up the front, what am I doing? Well, lots of things, and they always have YOU in mind. It was suggested by Carrie that WE create Advent Boxes for Christmas, Carrie is very smart how she presents ideas to me. My first thought was those adorable calendars my mother did for me every year from the time I was very little, well into my married life. My second thought was how horrible I was at them, I'd open every single compartment because I was so excited to see the surprise. My third thought was, these could really be a lot of fun, OK, let's do it!! Carrie already had all of the details ready for me because I get nervous that no one will want them or I'll have too many or I'll have too few, OMG this is supposed to be fun and it's worse than steeking a sweater!!!!! When my breathing returns to normal and my eyes undilate, Carrie continues calmly how everything is going to go...That said, I am SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE WE WILL BE DOING ADVENT BOXES!!!! I will be taking preorders only and you have until November 8th to decide, that's 3 weeks and Election Day. I have 20 days planned out in which you get to open a fun surprise beginning on December 4th. They will be $235.00, and a fun way to get the holiday season kicked off.

My posting about the Chiaogoo Shorties intechangeable sets caprtured some attention, they are awesome. I've been using mine to knit the sleeves of my Steeked sweater. I have ordered more, with several of you already in mind, I will let you know when they arrive. If you missed the 411 on them, stop by, I always have mine with me just in case I have time to knit a few rounds. We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. We will be inside until next Spring when it starts staying lighter longer and it's a bit warmer. I do have a few folding chairs, but bring one just in case. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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