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The Gift That Is Spring...

Good Morning Everyone!

Spring is an interesting concept in our little neck of the woods. The grip of winter is reluctant to let go, it's like it missed the memo. We're ready for warmer days, we've sprung ahead, the trees are budding and the flowers are poking their heads up looking for the sun. Hello snow, really? I walked Bernie through the woods yesterday making first tracks in the snow, it was peaceful at least. All I could think was, the previous week I wore a t-shirt and jeans while doing yardwork, conveniently forgot the sunscreen. Where else can you go from wearing your cute, linen Edie sweater to your fuzzy, mohair Il Grande Favorito in 24 hours? At least if the weather is going to take me on a roller coaster ride, I'm going in style. Gives me hope that I still have plenty of time to finish and wear my Birkin. I'm almost finished with the first sleeve, if all goes well, I can wear it this weekend!! Stay tuned...

Speaking of finished sweaters, it was awesome to see that many of you have finished our latest KAL project, Il Grande Favorito. We met this past Saturday to wrap things up and of course have show and tell. I would love to get a picture of us all wearing them, Paula has offered to take the photo. If this proves to be a challenge, I would at least like to get a picture from each of you wearing your sweater. Let me know your thoughts, a quick photo on a Saturday morning in Taylor Park would be ideal, with a little field trip to Red House Sweets afterwards. With this project finished, it's time to decide what to knit next. I'm under the impression that you are looking to me to make the decision. I think a summer sweater/tank would be fun, especially since I have some beautiful new summer yarns to choose from. Give it some thought and let me know what you want to do, I have lots of ideas of course.

I'm super excited to share some great news with you about some upcoming events. Local Yarn Shop Day is Saturday April 17th!! Mark your calendars and cross your fingers for a nice, sunny day. Berroco has let me know what they will be doing this year, it's pretty awesome, I'll be sharing more details as the day gets closer. I met last Tuesday evening to discuss this year's Great Northern Yarn Haul, the dates will be from July 9th-August 1st. So far there are about 20 shops participating, with 3 new to the Haul. We all felt we should definitely go ahead with it this year since last year actually proved to be better than expected. I'm feeling much less anxious about the prospects of having out of state customers coming in, I'm scheduled for my first dose April 6th!! I know it's been a crazy past year and we're all just trying to get back to a sense of "normal". I'm feeling very optimistic about the upcoming season, a year ago things looked very different to me. My shop was closed, my anxiety was through the roof and I decided to move the shop. Here I am a year later still doing what I love in a much better place. Sometimes the hardest and biggest changes yield the best results.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening via Zoom for Stitch and Bitch from 6-7:30, let me know if you would like me to send you the link. Just as soon as the weather permits, we'll be outside again, I can't wait. Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!

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