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The Promise Of Spring...

Good Morning Everyone!

I was beginning to think that perhaps I'd jinxed myself by having the audacity to knit a summer tank top when it was well below zero. That level of optimism can only assure one thing, 6 more weeks of winter, always a guarantee regardless of what the ground hog says. But I must say, it's been a refreshing change to not only see the sun, but feel it. I realize we do have several more weeks before Spring officially begins, but it's been a much welcomed reprieve from the dark, cold days of January, brrrr...Bernie and I had a most delightful hike through the woods this morning, it felt great to not have my shoulders up around my ears and the wind biting my face. I actually had my jacket unzipped and my mittens off, HEATWAVE!!! Is it going to be a short lived break? Most definitely, but as we all know, it's best to make hay when the sun shines, or knit a summer tank top,

I've been wanting to cast on my Fleurine sweater in the worst way, I'm afraid if I do, my Avena sweater will get pushed to the back burner. I'm enjoying watching the pattern evolve creating the lovely yoke, but the yarn brings me back to the days when I knit with Candide, namely Portuguese Fisherman Sweaters. It's rustic, which is code for scratchy, but will guarantee warmth and likely turn into one of my favorite sweaters. I find myself using copius amounts of my favorite handcream by Chasworth Farms, appropriately named Lanolin Hand Repair Cream. My hope is while the yarn runs through my fingers it will transfer to the wool and soften it. I will admit, with all the dry, cold weather we've had, my poor hands do a pretty good job instantly absorbing it, like a sponge with water. This does not mean I'm pining for hot, humid weather...

With Mr Groundhog guaranteeing our extended winter season, there is still plenty of time to knit yourself a new hat (I have new colors of Rasta), a pair of mittens (Rios would be nice), maybe try some Thrum mittens (I have new colors of Roving) socks are always fun (I have Alpaca Soxx), or my favorite, A SWEATER (I only have 3 going). I'd love to help you pick out your next project, so stop by to see what has arrived. Hoping to have my latest shipment of beautiful Pom Poms by Creative Little Things soon. Speaking of creative, a big shout out to Marcia Hagwood who graciously allowed me to use her beautiful photo in this week's newletter. I absolutely love birds and Marcia's artistic eye captures the most amazing images, thank-you Marcia!!!

We will be meeting tomorrow evening for Stitch and Bitch from 6-7:30, I hope you can join in the fun. Please wear your mask and bring a chair just in case I run out. Also, remember to bring your own shopping bag when you come to the shop, it's better for the environment. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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