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Today Is THE Day!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

While most days it barely feels like Spring has arrived, my gardens are at least displaying signs of life and the dandelions are in full bloom afterall, that's good, right? I'm certainly not trying to push my way through Spring and Summer only to start thinking about Fall, but Andra is coming today!!! In preparation for our meeting, she sent me goodie bags full of samples of the beautiful new yarns for the upcoming season. I've already seen, swatched, and looked at the new projects from Berroco, Lang, Wool Addicts, Sirdar, and Amano Yarns for Fall/Winter 2021-22. I haven't even been able to wear my beautiful new Carden tank top, and I'm looking ahead to the next season, that's retail for you!

In order to be prepared for my meeting today, I was "forced" to knit swatches, such grueling work lol. I must say, there is a great amount of satisfaction knowing part of the success of my business comes from me having to knit for a living. I can easily justify sitting and knitting swatches or shop samples (always in my size) over doing housework any day, I have the dust to prove it! So doing my homework for Andra's meeting today was welcomed with open arms and empty needles. It would be irresponsible to show up unprepared, and miss the opportunity to test drive those gorgeous little balls of happiness. How else would I be able to tell you just how delightful the Lucca is, it's my favorite, a lucious blend of cashmere and cotton. Did I mention the beautiful drape?? OOOH LA LA!!! I also gave Remix Chunky a try, it didn't disappoint, I can see it in so many applications, can anyone say afghans? Personally I'd like to make another Il Grande Favorito, I really need to have 4. I also loved the Dulce, once again a cotton blended with alpaca, wool and nylon, it's so soft and fuzzy. The pattern support is lovely, there's a colorwork pullover featured, a cute cardi, and the most adorable hat and cowl set. I am so excited to see Andra and report all of my research to her and get my order ready for the Fall!! I must say though, the Remix Chunky is in the warehouse and ready to ship....

My Tegna is coming along nicely, I have most of the lace pattern already memorized from doing it before, practice makes perfect. I also cast on an interesting little piece called Coastal Breeze using the Malabrigo Silky-Merino I'd started the Julie Twist with. I'd planned on making the Zeen Top, but that plan went out the window when Susan stopped by the shop and showed me the pattern. I love something different and asymetrical, this is a pseudo vest thingy that can be worn a couple different ways. It's basically a rectangle with arm holes with an interesting eyelet and stockinette design with a bit of garter stitch accent. Did I mention it's reversible? Stay tuned, this is my mindless knitting project and will not take long to finish. My Tegna on the other hand, will come along nicely once I get through the 6 inches of lace.

My big order of Malabrigo should be showing up this week!! Lots of lovely Rios is finally coming your way. I have no idea where it is all going, but Carrie seems to have a plan for it all. I need to get my hooks ordered, I knew I was forgetting something, UGH!!! I will let you know when it arrives so you can come see it, it never disappoints! I'm not sure if the weather is going to cooperate for Stitch and Bitch tomorrow evening. I will send the Zoom link, but if it's not raining, snowing or 35 degrees, let's plan to meet in my back yard, bring a chair. Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!


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