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Tomorrow Is Almost Here!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

In case you haven't been paying attention to me, shame on you lol, ANDRA WILL BE HERE TOMORROW!!! I am so excited and always look forward to seeing her, we even manage to get some work done. Not only will she be gracing us with her presence for Stitch and Bitch, she's bringing her beautiful handknits. You will be able to see, feel and try on the items in her glorious Trunk Show, DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!! Andra is an incredible wealth of information and happens to be a pretty decent knitter to boot, what a combination. We always have fun at Stitch and Bitch, adding Andra to the mix is the cherry on top. The fun starts at 6:00, I am keeping my fingers crossed for decent weather. I have not been impressed with what Gary has been forecasting, he's been wrong before. I'd like to gather outside, dress accordingly, hoping the rain decides to stay away. We will of course take cover if need be, but the plan is to be al fresco.

As many of you have seen, I've been cruising along on my Manarola and Oska sweaters, YAY!! I decided to cast on the Oska so I could finally use my beautiful Corrie Confetti by La Bien Aimee. I love how this yarn knits up, neon flecks of tweed popping against the solid gray, it's really beautiful. I've been creating the cabled yoke design rather quickly, I love knitting on worsted weight yarn, it's definitely a quicker knit than Manarola. The Manarola is so tedious with the color changes, the progress is slow. I've finally found my rhythm in working the three color chart, only took me 42 rows lol. I laugh to think just humbling it can be keeping 3 lousy balls of yarn untwisted and the overall sense of masterful accomplishment when you think you've finally tamed the beast. Imagine, my entire mood hinges on which order I use and replace my yarn. I focus as much on the chart sequence as I do keeping purple first, lime green second, and then fuschia. If not, I find myself staring at a game of Cat's Cradle which I was never good at.

This past Sunday, Kathleen, Addie and I took a little roadtrip to Bristol to visit Ashley and Greyson at Hermit Thrush Fibers. They were hosting Quill and Quiver's Trunk Show which are beautiful hanks of hand dyed Vermont yarn. I had to practice some restraint, they sell GORGEOUS Vermont alpaca which was trying very hard to come home with me. It reminded me of the Silk & Alpaca blend I bought in Salida to knit my Emsworth vest and I really really really wanted it. Instead I settled on a gorgeous skein of delightfulness that will create the most beautiful color work. I did just purchase the book Only Yoking and already have a sweater in mind, shocking I know. I was also reminded that I'd forgotten about another sweater I have in queue to knit, Feel the Bern by Caitlin Hunter. which I purchased yarn last summer while yarn hauling, it was also Quill and Quiver. I've lost track of the number of sweaters I have lined up waiting for me, not to mention the Owlie Socks I'd forgotten about that popped up in my Memory feed on Facebook from SIX YEARS AGO. Seriously, just so much knitting to do, no wonder I work seven days a week, such dedication....

We have KAL this Saturday, May 27th from 9-11:00. We are wrapping up the Drawing Sweater and moving onto Summer Sweater KAL. We've been talking about our next project and this seemed to be at the top of everyone's list, so let's do it! I have a beautiful selection of patterns and yarns that are waiting to be your next project. If you want inspiration, Andra's Trunk Show will satiate that need quite nicely. I hope to see lots of you tomorrow night for Stitch and Bitch and lots of you this Saturday for KAL. Make it a great day everyone!!!


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