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Too Early? Too Bad....

Good Morning Everyone!

I had no idea where to begin this morning until I noticed the date, bet you're all scrambling to look, OCTOBER 24TH!! I decided this was an opportunity, despite the fact that I still have all the "Fall" things to do (rake leaves, cut down gardens, storm windows), let's get excited that the holidays are approaching, let's plan our attack. I know that many of you have been heeding my warning since I started nagging you back in July, "GET YOUR HOLIDAY PROJECTS STARTED NOW!!!" But let's face it, even though it was a rainy summer, many of us have a hard time settling into this Christmas in July crap, I get it. But now that the leaves are mostly on the ground and it's dark more than it's light (going to get worse) maybe you should buckle down and prepare. I am here to help, I am your biggest cheerleader, I have beautiful kits available, new yarns and patterns, gadgets and lots of inspiration hanging around the shop (I've been super busy!). I also restocked Chiaogoo Interchangeable sets, they fly out of here, the Shorties (Blue & Yellow) and the 4" Lace tips. I also have MORE Minnie & Purl stitch stoppers, this time I'm getting the Grinch ones. Due to their popularity, the VT made Floops stitch markers will be here soon. LASTLY, I hope to have all of the Advent Calendar boxes ready for pick up soon, Susan still cannot have hers until November 30th. In case you still haven't figured it out, Christmas Eve is in 2 months....if you're Jewish you've got 6 weeks and 2 days.

I'm so close to finishing my new fingerless mitts, they are beautiful! If you're looking for a fun project, this is the one, Linda K's Yummy Mummy Wristwarmers. I'm still completely baffled as to why I had such a difficult time initially, there's nothing complicated about the pattern, must have been having a moment. Speaking of moments, poor Margie fell victim to "one of my moments." I'll start by saying, it's important to identify the working yarn from the tail. Our current KAL is Big Love, mine is finished, I've worn it and it's proudly displayed in the shop, I understand the pattern, I can identify where the directions screwed you up, I'm fluent in Big Love. So Margie comes to me because she can't see a DS (double stitch) and isn't sure she made the DS, being confused while doing German short rows isn't a good feeling. Best I can tell, she missed the DS so I offer to tink back a row to see what's going on. I begin meticulously unknitting the row, focusing on each stitch and why it's undoing itself so strangely. I looked at Margie accusingly and asked her, "What did you do? Why isn't this coming out?" She's a total sport and is looking every bit as confused as I am, I continue dissecting her sweater when I ask, "Why isn't this attached to your ball of yarn?" I then realize I started at the wrong end, the working yarn is on the other side, UGH!!!! The damamge is done, I offered to continue and rework every single stitch I stupidly removed, but Margie being Margie embraced it as a "teachable moment." Thank-you Margie for your patience and understanding and for allowing me to help you become a better knitter lol...Isn't the old adage, "Try, try again?" Knitting is the epitome...

I'm super excited to see everyone's progress on their BIG LOVE this Saturday October 28th for KAL 9-11:00. I'll be working on my Meissa pullover, I plan to cast it on either today or tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some good progress made by then. We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!!


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