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TRUNK SHOW 2022!!!

Good Morning Everyone!

I can barely contain myself, ANDRA IS COMING NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!! We'd been discussing it in passing and hadn't closed the deal when she texted me, "How about next Wednesday for Stitch and Bitch?" I'm still pinching myself...Of course the next thing that popped into my mind was the status of my Efa sweater and that she must be finished way before KAL, like 3 days before KAL, UGH!!! I have 12" done on the front, it hardly feels like sliding into third base, but the sleeves should go quickly, they're not cabled. I don't have to finish this by the time Andra gets here, she's already told me I can wear hers (sweet of her) but that need to complete it is going to keep prodding me until I bind it off. Plus, it's so pretty...

If you missed Andra's Trunk Show last year, you should definitely come this year. If you came last year, you know what I'm talking about!! She has sent me a list of the items she is bringing, it's such a fabulous way to see finished projects and try things on. Additionally, Andra is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gauge, yarn substitution, blocking, proper fit etc....She will also have a brand new yarn, Vintage Sock, which she will be wanting to tell you all about. So mark your calendars now, Wednesday September 21st 6-7:30.

The next KAL is getting ready to start Saturday September 24th 9-11:00, we are bravely attempting steeked sweaters. If you would like to join in, I need to know this week, especially if your yarn is getting ordered from Brown Sheep. At this point, the only two that I need to hear from are Sandy and of course, ME!!! I'm trying to decide what colors to use, mine has 5 contrast colors and I really want to think way outside the box on this. I follow The Wooly Thistle on Instagram, they've come up with some stunning color combinations which have been rather inspiring. Boyland Knit Works latest Koivua Light and even the sweater I just bought yarn for, the Manarola are fantastic examples of what happens when you look past your comfort zone. So many pretty colors, so many combinations, I'm so overwhelmed!!! Stay tuned, I'll post the colors once I decide so I can get everyone's approval lol...negative comments need not respond.

I mentioned briefly that I had 12" completed on the front of my Efa, it is coming along quite nicely. I could be further along if I remembered to put in those little YOs when they tell me to. Luckily, I was smart enough to put stitch markers in for each cable repeat, this eliminates a lot of head banging and throwing of things. Mistakes rear their ugly little heads on the next RS row when all of a sudden you only have 11 stitches and not 12. The tinking back, is at most, 2 rows which I've become quite proficient at doing and have finally stopped getting irritated, but it still makes me swear. I plan to make some serious progress on my sweater today with hopes of having two completed pieces by the time I show up for Stitch and Bitch tomorrow night.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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