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Two Hands Are Better Than One...

Good Morning Everyone!

I have been knitting like crazy, more so than usual. I've had this insatiable urge to complete more sweaters for ME, I mean the shop. I've always known the best way to lead is by example, kind of a monkey see monkey do approach, I'm the big MONKEY (with the prettiest sweaters, lol). My hope is that it will release your creativity, entice you to think outside the box and knit, knit, knit! Be brave, substitute the yarn, play with the gauge, knit with PINK!!! If you need more than a pep talk, come see me and some of the lovely sweaters I've finished (Avalon, Oksa, Love Note just to name a few) with Goldenfern and Big Love comfortably on the needles.

Speaking of Goldenfern, I've adopted a new trick, actually I've improved on a trick I already knew. I must say, I'm really proud of this accomplishment, I just hope that I'm pleased with the results. When doing colorwork, I've attempted putting the CC in my left hand while keeping the MC in my right, it doesn't always feel comfortable. I usually go back to my old way of knitting everything with my right which is a slow process and causes my yarn to tangle. In the past, I would stop using two hands if the floats became too long, I couldn't figure out how to anchor them. This would lead to me giving up and just going back to one hand. This time, I inadvertantly performed a manuever that successfully anchored that float without slowing me down. I have been on a roll ever since!! My yarn has not gotten tangled and I'm sailing through the chart of my Goldenfern like a hot knife in butter. Fingers crossed that the floats aren't too tight, that's my big concern. I've been "testing" the tautness and I think I'm good. My gauge is off enough, so if it doesn't prove to be as stretchy as I'd like, the number of stitches should make up for it. I opted for 5 stitches per inch instead of 5.75, this sweater is going to have some ease and drape. I was hoping to have it finished before KAL this Saturday, but I think I'll still be on sleeve island, we'll see...

I posted the video of my Malabrigo box opening yesterday, did you see it? OMG the new Zodiac colors in Rios are absolutely GORGEOUS!! Carrie and I have everything out, you'll just have to stop by to see how beautiful they are in person, I love them all. I also restocked Rasta, I have a couple of our favorites back, along with some brand new colors that I haven't been able to get. There was much demand for Tundra, the Twindom shawl has been teasing you for years, I was finally able to reorder it, IT'S HERE!!! I am also getting another shipment from Berroco this week, so much yarn!!! We are less than 100 days until Christmas, yes, that makes me crazy too, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't remind you of the inevitable, DON'T BE ME AND WAIT!! I swear I come up with the greatest ideas of what to knit 2 weeks before Christmas, UGH!! Start thinking about it now. I have lots of kits available to either knit up or give as gifts, more Maker's Boards with accessories and those fantastic Katrinkle's Mini Tools. Next on my list is to finish wrapping and putting together the Advent Calendar boxes, YES, I've started!!! I have one more left, let me know if you want it.

We are meeting this Saturday, September 23rd 9-11:00 to cast on the BIG LOVE KAL!! There is still time to join in the fun. Most have completed their homework of knitting the swatch to determine needle size, the popular number seems to be #8. We are also gathering tomorrow evening, Wednesday, from 6-7:30 for Stitch and Bitch, I hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!


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