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When Opportunity Knocks...

Good Morning Everyone!

For those of you who didn't witness me RIP my Meissa sweater out on Saturday, I'm here to tell you, the saga continues. I figured lady karma would be on my side if I demonstrated a calm, matter of fact demeanor while carefully undoing (without swearing) my 4 hours of knitting from the previous night. It's worth mentioning that I'm using Berroco's Aerial Color (silk mohair) with Lanas Light, it's not quick. Pair that with a cat insisting on sitting in your lap and you have the recipe for the perfect disaster. I get my stitches back onto the needles and begin the short row process again. I've never been great at M1LP or M1RP and thankfully they don't bombard my world often. This pattern has them, A LOT...ugh. Practice makes perfect only if you're doing them correctly, I'll circle back to that.

I spend the better part of yesterday reknitting the 20 rows of short rows and decide to count my stitches before proceeding to the next section, makes sense, right? OMG I'm off by 7 STITCHES!! How in the world did this happen? I decide if I just do one more series of short rows, my numbers will be correct, fine, easy fix. I'm inspecting my work, looking at the picture on the pattern and at my attempt at those M1LP and M1RP, it looks like shit (I can hear my Mimi). What's worse, I can't even figure out what the hell I'm looking at. The stupid markers are RBM (right back marker) LBM (left back marker) LFM (left front marker) and BOR aka RFM (right front marker). I start second guessing which markers I was increasing and doing my DS (double stitch) at. Let's take another look at that pattern picture, better yet, why don't we read how Amy suggests doing M1LP and M1RP. So much information to start taking in this late in the game, but I suppose better late than never.

I am so unhappy with how this sweater looks, I would never take any pride in admitting I'd made it and I'm quite sure no one else would be inspired to knit one either. I pulled the whole thing out AGAIN, deciding the stitch markers were jinxed and replaced them with ones any idiot can identify easily. Yellow for LBM, Blue for RBM, cute little birdy for LFM and the sparkly pretty one for the BOR, the prize for making it all the way around. It is unclear to me what my problem is with the construction of this sweater, especially after successfully finishing BIG LOVE without much incident at all. The lesson I'm taking away from this is, I needed to learn how to make beautiful M1LP & M1RP. With a top down raglan, that line of increases has to be perfect (even if it's on the back), I know this. I'm feeling a new sense of confidence, Andra suggested last night that I do nothing until after my walk and coffee this morning, great idea. I realize that many of you are simply shocked that I too struggle with my knitting, I'm the expert, right? Expert or not, I am human and sometimes life is still trying to teach me a few more lessons. So thank-you universe for keeping my ego in check and reminding me to take advantage of those opportunities to continue to learn. Hopefully by tomorrow evening I'll have something I'm proud to show you. If for some reason I'm not working on a sweater, DO NOT ASK!I

This past Saturday we had our KAL, I must say, what beautiful Big Love Cardigans you ladies are creating! What I enjoyed the most was how everyone was working together, helping each other and best of all, having fun. I looked around the room, while unraveling my sweater, and experienced such a feeling of happiness. Judging from the progress you're making, we're going to need to decide what the next project will be. I will be meeting with Andra in the next couple of weeks to see the Spring and Summer lines (too soon I know) I bet there will be lots of new patterns and yarns to choose from. So start thinking about what you'd like to do next, we won't start anything new until January, don't worry.

We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30, for Stitch and Bitch. It has been extremely well attended, PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR. I only have (5) chairs available, last week I stole a couple from my kitchen. I am not complaining at all, I'm actually thrilled, but if you can at least bring your chair and have it just in case it's needed, that would be AWESOME! I really hope you can join in the fun. Make it a great day and I'll see you soon!



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