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With A Cluck, Cluck, Here...

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! The Great Northern Yarn Haul kicked off on Friday. I have to say, our brood of chickens were the center of attention, they are so cute! I took the time to introduce each of them, which brought an added level of joy to the conversation. They also did a very good job fulfilling their duty of being an Emotional Support Chicken. People simply couldn't resist picking them up (they did ask permission) and holding them. It was an unexpected experience for me, I had no idea the positive vibe a group of stuffed chickens could bring to a room. I think that Dixie Chick is definitely going to be a permanent fixture and that she'll be much happier if she has a few friends. It's official, my shop is turning into a Hen House, it always has been figuratively, especially on Wednesday evenings, now I've got Chickens taking up residence. I'm sure Carla would agree when I say, "It's better than rats." A big thank-you to everyone who is helping support our Broodhaha Charity event. What started as a silly KAL has turned into a very worthwhile and community building project. There is never too much good in the world, always do your part....

I've been enjoying way too much time on my porch knitting away on my Tresse sweater. I feel zero guilt because I have so much pressure on me to keep completing sweaters that I really have no choice but to sit and knit. It doesn't help that it's simply way too hot inside my house to clean, I'd die of heat exhaustion, I just know it. Or at the very least the sweat would run into my eyes and they'd burn, I hate that. So my wicked boss has literally forced me to seek the comfort of my glider and work, work, work. I know I'll be most thankful to her on those cold winter days when I have a pile of new sweaters to wear. It's also worth mentioning that the Berroco website officially flips over to Fall/Winter 2024-25 TODAY!!! Definitely check it out!! My favorite collection is the Millstone Tweed, my colors are getting shipped this week along with the pattern support. OMG the yarn is so soft and the patterns are GORGEOUS!!!!

I've been in touch with Julie Asselin and she has set up my account and forwarded all of her beautiful color cards. I haven't digested the information yet, but I will be sharing with you what her company is all about very soon. I used her luxurious Fino to knit Isabell Kramer's Mabel cardigan, it's sinful. Our Fall KAL, Andrea Mowry's Morning Rituals pullover uses a Boucle which Julie has available in so many lovely colors, it's difficult to choose which one. So stay tuned, I will be getting the details together so we can get the order placed in plenty of time to start our KAL. I am still working on a date for her to come down to do a trunk show, I'll let you know ASAP. Speaking of Trunk Shows, Andra will be joining us September 25th during Stitch and Bitch for a Try On Trunk Show. The last time she did this we ended up knitting Big Love Cardigans, so plan on attending and being inspired.

I'm very excited that my order from Woolerton Estate Yarns is here!! I actually unpacked and displayed all of it ALL BY MYSELF, WITHOUT CARRIE'S HELP!!! There's a first time for everything I suppose lol...she would have totally helped me. The Exotic has arrived, I used it to knit my Alpine Bloom sweater, it's a lovely fingering weight blend of alpaca, linen and silk. The colors are amazing, I'm actually eyeballing a lovely shade of yellow which says a lot, I'm not a fan of yellow unless it's on a house, go figure...Needless to say it's a very versatile yarn that will create lovely shawls and sweaters, the drape is amazing and it feels wonderful on.

I have a couple of announcements and little reminders for you to put back into the front of your thoughts. We are roadtripping for the Great Northern Yarn Haul, Wednesday July 24th. We'll likely leave around 9:00 from my house, please let me know if you're interested in going. I've already told Carrie that I want to go to Scratch, they have Spincycle, need I say more? I'd also like to stop in and see Jen at Yarn. As long as I get my way on those two items, I'm open to suggestion lol...Oh yeah, I ride shotgun or I puke. We will be meeting tomorrow evening, Wednesday 6-7:30, for Stitch and Bitch CARRIE IS IN CHARGE!!! I am having my surgery tomorrow at Dartmouth Hitchcock so send me some positive vibes. Carrie will also be running the shop Thursday-Saturday so I can recuperate. I will be home, the surgery is outpatient, but they're making me lay low and not over do things. Make it a great day and I hope to see you soon!!


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4 days ago

Wishing you good luck with your surgery with a quick recovery!


Mary McCarthy
Mary McCarthy
4 days ago


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